3 at risk of parting ways with Vietnam U23s: Hanoi FC has a striker

24 Apr 2022 | 07:32 | Football

After two friendly matches against South Korea’s U20s, coach Park Heng-soo has determined the framework for preparing for the 31st Southeast Asian Games, and unplanned names have gradually emerged.

Wenlin Deng (SLNA)

3 names who may have to part ways with Vietnam U23s: There is a striker Hanoi FC - Photo 1.

Dang Van Lam hard to stay in U23 Vietnam (Picture Sports)

Once a promising player in the SLNA training academy as well as in Vietnamese football, Dang Van Lam is still unable to return to his natural form after an injury.

The 1999-born player was born in midfield and has recently been pushed into a full-back role. However, in training with the U23 Vietnam team at this conference, Fan Lin’s imprint was rather weak.

He was only allowed a few minutes in the two friendlies against South Korea’s U20s and didn’t show much.

Luong Duy Cuong (SHB Da Nang)

There are 3 names that may have to say goodbye to the U23 Vietnam team: there is a striker Hanoi FC - photo 2.

Luong Duy Cuong faced many hurdles as he competed with his predecessors in the U23s in Vietnam (Photo Sports)

Among the central defenders of the U23 Vietnam team called by Coach Park Hengrui this time, the name Liang Weiqiang is probably the most unfamiliar name for fans.

Growing up at the SHB Da Nang training camp, the 2001-born player left a certain mark in the youth tournament. However, due to lack of competition experience, he had to compete with stars who had already established his position, such as: Pei Huang Yueying, Ruan Qingping, Deng Wentai… This brought many unfavorable factors to Long Wei. On the roster for the Southeast Asian Games.

Loxuan Map (Hanoi FC)

3 at risk of parting ways with Vietnam U23s: There is a striker Hanoi FC - photo 3.

Loxuantu has few chances in Vietnam U23 (picture sports)

Judging from the list of U23 Vietnamese forwards preparing for the 31st SEA Games, the chances of rookie Le Xuantu and his teammates competing for positions are probably very few.

In the first round of the game against South Korea U20, although coach Park Hengrui gave him a chance to play at home, Loxuantu’s performance did not meet expectations.

At the moment, the remaining strikers are impressing and important in Vietnam U23s. Like Tian Ling is a special case, Nguyen Van Dong also left a beautiful goal and scored with Mr. Park. Ho Thanh Minh is a very admired player who has always had a place in the U23 Vietnam team in many recent matches.

Obviously, it would be extremely difficult for Le Xuantu to make it to the list to participate in the SEA Games.

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