3 reasons why Arsenal can confidently beat Manchester United

20 Sep 2022 | 09:36 | Football

The focus of the sixth round of the Premier League will be Manchester United v Arsenal at Old Trafford at 22:30 on September 4. Despite having to be a guest at the Theatre of Dreams, the Gunners are more appreciated than the home team.

In fact, there are at least three reasons why they confidently beat their opponents in the next game, namely:

3 reasons to help Arsenal beat MU with confidence - Photo 1.

Arsenal are in very good shape.

outperform your opponent

The first thing to mention is Arsenal’s impressive form since the start of the season. They are the only team to consistently win and currently sit at No. 1. Obviously, compared to MU, the performance of coach Arteta’s teachers and students is much more convincing.

So, with the available spirit and good performances, London is fully confident of heading to Old Trafford in the sixth round of the Premier League. While this is the first big club Arsenal have had to face since the start of the season, what happened leaves the Gunners with nothing to fear.

Not only are they versatile offensively, they are also extremely solid defensively. Currently, Arteta’s side are third in goals scored and second in goals conceded.

This is enough to show the unity of Arsenal. This is also the reason why the Gunners are so confident about the 3 points.

3 reasons to help Arsenal beat MU with confidence - Photo 2.

They also have a better rivalry history than MU in the last 6 games

Confronting history in favor of

Another factor that helps Arsenal have confidence in their next big game is that they have a better history of confrontation than their opponents. They met in the past 6 times,the Gunners got 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, being the lower hand.

This shows that Mourinho will always be an opponent that Arsenal has the confidence to subdue at any time. Voices from the past will also be a big motivator for Arteta teachers and students who meet tonight at 22:30.

With yet another victory, the London representative will confirm his ambition and extraordinary prowess this season.

3 reasons to help Arsenal beat MU with confidence - Photo 3.

There are a lot of people in Arsenal who know how to make mutations.

people who know how to shine

What has helped Arsenal lead convincingly at the top of the Premier League table is that they always have a group of people in their squad who know how to shine. Arteta’s army has created extremely diverse gameplay since the season began.

There, not only forwards like Jesus, Martinelli scored goals, midfielders and even Arsenal defenders knew how to make opponents hate it. Before Fulham, Odegaard and Magallus scored, and before Villa, Jesus and Martinelli did.

Having so many special elements to create mutation could be the key to helping Arsenal win at Old Trafford.

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