4 Vietnamese phone “handsome guys” all love “Sister, I love you”

19 Apr 2022 | 06:19 | Football

The age gap in love is not as good as if two people really have feelings and cherish each other. It’s funny how many Vietnamese footballers have such romances.

The Vietnamese player’s love story “Sister, I love you” made fans both admire and envy. Let’s take a look at these 4 super sweet loves.

1. Goalkeeper Deng Wenlin and girlfriend Yan Xuan

Dang Wenlin has never disclosed his girlfriend on social networks, but if you look closely, fans can easily recognize the “clue” of the goalkeeper’s beautiful girlfriend. That was Pei’s Yan Xuan.


Deng Wenlin and his girlfriend Yan Xuan.

Yan Xuan was born in 1991, 2 years older than Fan Lin, and now lives in Ho Chi Minh City. She is a PT who specializes in coaching workouts to get in good shape. With an explosive appearance and a hot body, Yan Xuan has amazed fans.

Despite their age difference, Fan Lin and Yan Xuan have maintained a strong relationship for 5 years. WAG used to go to Thailand when Fan Lin was wearing Muangthong United and to Japan to cheer and encourage her boyfriend when Fan Lin played for Cerezo Osaka. On special occasions such as Christmas or New Years, Yan Xuan also travels to Russia to visit Wenlin’s family. The 31-year-old is very close to Fan Lin’s sister and often punches in every time they meet.

2. Midfielder Nguyen Hoang Duc and his girlfriend Gia Han

Huang De is the star who has improved the most recently. Not only has he become a mainstay for Viettel FC and Vietnam Tel, but he has also won the 2021 Vietnam Ballon d’Or, which is a worthy reward for the player’s efforts.


Huang De and Jia Han are a very beautiful couple.

Huang De, who is successful on the court, also has a beautiful love story. The midfielder’s girlfriend is Ruan Jiahan, who was born in 1997, one year older than him. Gia Han is widely regarded by fans as one of the most beautiful WAGs in the water.

A girl from Dong Nai is the owner of a beauty salon. Despite the long distance (Huang De and Vettel are stationed together in his hometown of Hai Duong Hanoi), the two met during their free time. Jiahan also often goes to the yard to cheer on her boyfriend. Last Spring Festival 2021, Hoang Duc took Gia Han to introduce to his parents and relatives.

3. Defender Ho Tan Tai and his fiancee Hieu Pham

Defender Tan Tai is quite secretive about his love life and has relatively little information about his girlfriend on social networks. However, Tan Tai was more open after scoring a brilliant goal in the 2022 World Cup qualifier against China. His girlfriend is Fan Shixiao, born in 1995, 2 years older than Chen Tai.


Tan Tai is about to marry Hieu Pham.

The two of them both settled their hometown. After 3 years of exploration, they decided to get married on April 20. Pham Hieu scores with a pretty face and sexy dress. On his personal page, Tan Tai’s fiancée rarely shares photos with her boyfriend. Instead, she focused on spa work.

4. Goalkeeper Nguyen Van Toan and his girlfriend Thu Uyen

Like Fan Lin, goalkeeper Fan Toan also has a girlfriend who is 2 years older than him. That was Thu Uyen, born in 1997. The couple have been dating since July 2019. Fan Dong opened up about his romance with Thu Uyen after the 30th Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines. Thu Uyen is also from Haiphong, so there is no geographical barrier between the two.


Van Toan with his girlfriend Thu Uyen.

She’s not as standout as the other WAGs and isn’t as active on social media, but she’s still intrigued by her delicate face and big round eyes.

Qiu Yuan, in particular, is a “hardcore fan” of Haiphong Football Club. That’s why the “I love you” couple got to know each other.

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