5 highlights MU 0-1 Atletico: The difference; Time to get rid of Maguire

15 Mar 2022 | 23:07 | Football

 The Red Devils officially stopped in the 1/8 round of the Champions League this season after losing to Atletico Madrid.

The talent of Jan Oblak

At Old Trafford, Man Utd did not once penetrate the Atletico Madrid net. The Red Devils had an opportunity but did not capitalize on it and they paid a heavy price. Renan Lodi’s only goal officially saw Man Utd out of the Champions League.

A defeat puts Man Utd in danger of sinking deeper into crisis. Here are 5 notable highlights after the match.

1. The different level of Jan Oblak
5 highlights MU 0-1 Atletico: - Football

 Oblak is so excellent.

Man Utd’s inability is partly due to Oblak’s excellence in the wooden frame. This goalkeeper plays great and has up to 5 times to prevent Man Utd’s scoring opportunities. In which, the most significant is Anthony Elanga’s shot and Raphael Varane’s header.

Oblak’s high-level performance helped Atletico Madrid keep a clean sheet. He was personally voted the best player of the match.

2. The lingering nightmare
5 highlights MU 0-1 Atletico: - Football

 Man Utd dry title.

With this defeat, Man Utd must wait until February 26, 2023 (League Cup) to be able to win a title. This season, the Red Devils were empty-handed. 2017 was the last time Man Utd brought a trophy to the club room.

Thus, Man Utd is experiencing the longest title drought in the past 40 years. Historically, after winning the FA Cup in 1977, they had to wait until 1983 to get their next win with this tournament championship again.


3. Time to get rid of Harry Maguire
5 highlights MU 0-1 Atletico: - Football

 Maguire played ineffectively.

Once again Maguire had a less convincing performance. Before Tottenham, the English midfielder scored an own goal. And in this match, Maguire repeatedly abandoned his position, causing the Red Devils defense to fall into a passive state.

In both times Man Utd conceded (the first goal was disallowed), Man Utd went up to stamp the ball but lacked decisiveness. And as a result, Man Utd had to concede a goal. Obviously, Maguire is a burden and he doesn’t deserve the £80m price tag.

4. The end for Man Utd
5 highlights MU 0-1 Atletico: - Football

 Ronaldo may not be in the Champions League next season.

Not only being eliminated from the Champions League, Man Utd is also in danger of collapse. In the Premier League, Man Utd is 1 point behind Arsenal and played 3 more matches than the opponent. There is no sign that Man Utd will catch up with the Gunners.

Man Utd no longer holds the right to self-determination and the prospect of them being outside the Top 4 is in sight. The possibility that Man Utd cannot attend the Champions League next season is very close.

5. First time for Diego Simeone
5 highlights MU 0-1 Atletico: - Football

 Simeone takes revenge on Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has always been Simeone’s nightmare in the Champions League. In the 2013/14 and 2015/16 seasons, Ronaldo’s team defeated Atletico Madrid twice in the final. In the 2014/15, 2016/17 and 2018/19 seasons, Ronaldo also eliminated Simeone in the quarterfinals, semi-finals and 1/8 round respectively.

However, that was a story of the past. Simeone was finally able to beat the team Ronaldo was playing for. A sweet revenge of the Argentine coach.


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