After almost 3 years, Klopp was right about Coutinho

07 Jan 2022 | 01:15 | Football

Over time, Jurgen Klopp’s statements about Philippe Coutinho are gradually becoming true.

In the past, Philippe Coutinho was a top star in the English Premier League. He became the inspiration to lead Liverpool to resounding victories under Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp understood the value of the Brazilian student, so he tried to convince Coutinho to stay at Anfield despite the courtship from Barcelona. The German strategist frankly shared:

“I told him to stay here at Liverpool and end his career with a statue. If he went to another club like Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich or Real Madrid he would just be a footballer. It’s just that. Here you can become something more meaningful than that.”

 Klopp is right about his statements about Coutinho in the past.

Klopp is right about his statements about Coutinho in the past.

Almost three years after that statement, everything about Coutinho has come true. Branded as a “blockbuster” at the Nou Camp, Coutinho has never shown himself worthy of that crazy transfer fee.

The star born in 1992 played disappointed, was pushed away on loan and returned to Barca with a familiar seat on the bench. Xavi Hernandez currently leads Barca but this strategist shows no interest in using Coutinho. The day Coutinho left Barca is approaching closer than ever. Because if he doesn’t leave, it will be difficult for Coutinho to achieve his desire to attend the 2022 World Cup as he shared.

Coutinho’s charm is still pervasive, but the problem is that he is no longer the target of many big clubs in Europe. A series of Premier League teams are ready to approach the former Inter Milan conductor, but those are mid-range names such as Aston Villa, Everton, and Newcastle United. This group of clubs, not Liverpool or Arsenal, is a possible destination for the 29-year-old star at the moment

 Coutinho is down at the moment.

Coutinho is down at the moment.

It is undeniable that Coutinho’s career will be less glamorous if he lands at such a mid-range club in the English Premier League. It was a huge disappointment and not many people can imagine for a name to step up to world class.

Coutinho made the wrong decisions when leaving Liverpool. He cannot change the past and needs to focus on the present to improve the future. And no matter how Coutinho changes next time, Klopp is making the public admire because the prophecy came true in the past.