After the fifth round of Ligue 1, why did the Vietnamese defender meet Guang Hai?

02 Sep 2022 | 09:11 | Football

Jason Quang Vinh is said to have actively met and asked for a photo with Quang Hai. At dawn on August 29 (Vietnam time), he posted a photo with the Vietnam Telecom star on social networks with the caption: “Welcome to France, nice to see you here”.

Quang Vinh’s photo received a lot of interaction. One of those who expressed affection for the photo of Jason Quang Vinh was French player Marcus Thuram, the son of former player Lilian Thuram.

After the fifth round of Ligue 1, why did the Vietnamese defender meet Guang Hai?  - Photo 1.

After the fight between Quevilly and Pau, Quang Vinh met Quang Hai privately and took a group photo. Photo: Jason Quang Vinh pendant.

Quang Vinh expressed his admiration for Quang Hai and his desire to play for Vietnam. Before the game with Pau, Guang Rong revealed that he was going through the formalities for Vietnamese nationality and would work hard to score points with the team’s coaching staff, and would soon have the opportunity to return to his hometown to contribute.

Against Pau FC, Quang Vinh played the full 90 minutes and created a goal to give Quevilly Rouen a 2-1 win. Guang Hai himself also appeared in this situation, and he stepped back to support the defense but could not prevent Gustavo Sangare from completing Guangrong’s precise cross.

However, after the game, the statistics page sofa score Again, it gave Guanghai 6.5 points, higher than Guangrong (6.2 points).

Born in 1997 to a Vietnamese mother, Jason Quang Vinh Pendant grew up in Sochaux and spent enough time in Ligue 2. After a few seasons in the American Pro League, Quang Vinh returned to France to join the Quevilly season. And become the mainstay of the left-back position. At the beginning of the season, he started 5 games, contributed 1 assist and only received 1 yellow card.

Quang Vinh’s assist helped Quevilly win their first match after 5 rounds of Ligue 2 2022/23.

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