Announced Guanghai’s destination in Austria: the club has Champions League tickets!

27 Apr 2022 | 07:43 | Football

A few days ago, domestic media also reported that midfielder Ruan Guanghai and Lasker Club have reached a preliminary agreement on the transfer. But it didn’t take long for the Austrian version of Sky Sports to issue a forum denying the above information. Therefore, as the media speculated, there is still no contact between the two sides.

Announced Guanghai's destination in Austria: the club has Champions League tickets!  - Photo 1.

Guanghai will not join LASK.

Specifically, in the article shared on Twitter by Roland Strinz, there is a passage: “LASK has no connection with Hai and his management team.” Strinz is a reporter for Sky Sports, Living in Linz, where LASK is located, the information provided by this journalist is very prestigious.

At present, Guang Hai’s contract with Hanoi Football Club has expired and is currently looking for a new destination. It is said that the Vietnamese football superstar is about to go abroad to compete in Europe, the destination is a famous team in the Austrian league.

According to sources in the “Sports Daily”, in the latest development, Guanghai has almost completed all the procedures for joining the Austrian team for the Champions League seat next season.

Announced Guanghai's destination in Austria: the club has Champions League tickets!  - Photo 2.

The midfielder, born in 1997, is likely to join the club and secure a place in the Champions League.

In the format of the Austrian Championship, the club must finish the season as runners-up to claim the spot. Currently on the leaderboard, Graz Storm and Wolfberg AC are ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively with 37 points.

According to the same source, the club has opened a five-year contract with Guanghai. But the former Hanoi FC star only agreed to a two-year deal. Currently, Guang Hai is urgently looking for a new Vietnamese assistant in Austria to help him easily integrate into the life and culture here.

Before that, the 1997-born player refused to participate in the 31st SEA Games, devoting all his time to the goal of going abroad. As we all know, the key to breaking up is not money. Therefore, Guanghai wants to challenge himself in the famous football team and participate in the international arena.

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