Assistant Lee Young-jin: “Don’t expect too much from Gwanghae”

10 Jul 2022 | 07:47 | Football

On the afternoon of July 5th, Li Yingzhen, the right-hand man of coach Park Hengrui, was interviewed by the media. In this conversation, Mr. Li not only talked about his life, player career and relationship with coach Park Hengrui, but also shared Guanghai’s experience of playing football in Europe.

Assistant Lee Young-jin:

Assistant Li Yingzhen highly appreciates Guanghai’s daring to go out and meet challenges.

Mr Lee said: “When Hai went abroad, I sent him a congratulatory message. He also thanked me very much and looked forward to my support when he needed it. I hope that after Guang Hai, many Vietnamese players will go abroad to play in the future. With Hai, no matter if he succeeds Or fail, I will praise him for daring to challenge and daring to break into the world.”

From the V.League (the championship still considered the “lowland” of world football) to France’s leap – Ligue 2, the top European environment is a huge change for any player, not just Guang Hai. Therefore, in Mr. Li’s view, neither fans nor the media should have high expectations for Hai’s “son”.

Assistant Lee Young-jin:

Guanghai still needs to work hard to integrate and occupy the main position of Pau Football Club.

“The football environment in France is one of the harshest in the world, so don’t put too much hope on Guanghai’s success in France, let him develop naturally.”, shared by assistant Lee Young-jin. In addition, assistant Li Yingzhen said that Guanghai still needs to improve: “He is very smart and has the ability to make quick decisions. However, Hai’s strength needs to be further improved.”

At present, Guanghai is starting the first training trip of the season with Pau Football Club. According to the team backing the midfielder in France, he showed good signs of integration when he scored and assisted in training at Pau FC. Most likely, Guang Hai will soon be able to play and score in the eyes of the BHL Pau FC team on the tour this summer.

Assistant coach Li Yingzhen also revealed that he refused to lead Vietnam U23 to the recent AFC U23 Championship because of his personal itinerary in South Korea. At present, although Coach Park Hengrui has not returned to Vietnam, Assistant Coach Lee is still actively going to V.League games to watch the players play.

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