Because of U23 Vietnam, assistant U23 Thailand “seeking defeat”?

04 Jun 2022 | 22:21 | Football

In the final round of the 2022 Asian U23 Championship, Thailand U23 is in Group C with South Korea U23, Vietnam U23 and Thailand U23. In this group, if they play in the right form, U23 South Korea will almost certainly be at the top, with Malaysia U23 rated as the weakest in the group.

Therefore, the result of the match between Thailand U23 and Vietnam U23 on the evening of June 2 is likely to greatly affect the tickets for the remaining quarter-finals of Group C, so the two sides decided to win with heart to achieve their goals. through the group stage.

The Thailand U23 coach pointed out the home team's weakness ahead of the game against Vietnam U23 - Figure 1.

U23 Thailand practice before the game against U23 Vietnam. Photo: Siam Sports.

Before the Thailand U23’s first training camp in Uzbekistan, assistant coach Mr. Worrawoot Srimaka pointed out some weaknesses in the “War Elephant” lineup before the game.

Mr Choktawee Phromra said: “Now, the Thailand U23s are almost the whole team. They have started to practice together and coordinate well. Only a few players play abroad and the Buriram United players don’t really fit into the whole team. “

The biggest concern for the Thai U23s right now is the risk of injury to their players. Don’t worry about other issues. I believe that players who play abroad will quickly adapt to the abilities of the entire team.

Hope they can adapt to the tactical combat of the coaching staff as soon as possible and realize their full potential. In my opinion, this is one of the best U23 players in the history of Thai football. If they can stick together, we won’t give opponents too many chances. “

When asked about Thailand U23’s goal in the match against Vietnam U23, Phromra said: “Of course, Thailand U23 set the goal to take all 6 points in the first 2 games because of the showdown with Vietnam. The last game will be very tough.

If they win their first two games, Thailand U23 will gain confidence before facing U23 South Korea. “

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