Chelsea crisis, Roman Abramovich has made the final decision

12 Mar 2022 | 06:18 | Football

 Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has made the final decision after himself and Chelsea had to receive many sanctions from the British Government.

Chelsea’s best goals against Burnley at Turf Moor

The British government has decided to freeze the assets of billionaire Abramovich as part of an effort to limit the flow of Russian money following the special military attack on Ukraine. In addition, they also issued sanctions targeting the Russian billionaire’s Chelsea club. 

Specifically, the commercial activities of The Blues will be locked, through which only those who have purchased season tickets can enter the field to watch matches. Staff and players will still be paid at the end of this season.

The sale of players is also banned, leading to concerns about the future of the team. It is known that Chelsea needs to accelerate the process of selling the club before May 31. After this time, if there is still no new owner, the Blues will be handed over to the government and deducted 9 points on the Premier League table. 

Chelsea crisis, Roman Abramovich has made the final decision - Football

Abramovich accelerates the process of selling Chelsea.  

To avoid the situation that the Stamford Bridge team continued to fall into crisis, billionaire Roman Abramovich made the final decision. Specifically, according to a source from the Daily Telegraph, quoted by The Mirror, the Russian tycoon has assigned Raine Group – a banking organization to accelerate the process of selling the club to help Chelsea quickly find the owner. new property. 

It is known that the British Government will carefully review this process and billionaire Roman Abramovich will not be able to receive any money from the sale of the club because all of his assets in the foggy country have been frozen. 


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