Chinese newspapers believe Guanghai surpassed Congfang’s record when he joined Pau FC

06 Jul 2022 | 07:17 | Football

Recently, Guanghai officially joined Pau Football Club with a 2-year contract (optional 1-year renewal). The midfielder, born in 1997, became the first Vietnamese player to play in France.

Guanghai’s competing deal with France has received special attention from domestic and foreign media. In particular, many Chinese newspapers expressed admiration for the Vietnamese phone star.

Accordingly, 163 newspaper published an article titled “Making History, Vietnam’s Messi officially joins the Ligue 1 middleweight team and becomes the fourth Vietnamese player to travel to Europe”.

Chinese newspapers believe that Guang Hai surpassed Cong Phuong's record when he joined Pau FC - Photo 1.

Sohu News confirmed that Guanghai joined Pau Football Club and made history.

In this article, Guang Hai is called “Vietnamese Messi” and is the main striker of Vietnam Telecom. At the same time, the author also emphasizes that the midfielder born in 1997 created the history of Vietnamese football. He was the first player to play in France and the fourth Vietnamese player to play in Europe.

Before Quang Hai, three other Vietnamese players also played in Europe: Cong Vinh, Van Hau and Cong Phuong. In particular, only Cong Phuong was at his best when he played 20 minutes, becoming the record of Vietnamese football in the top European leagues. The author of the article asserts that Guanghai is fully capable of breaking this record for Nghe shooters.

Chinese newspapers believe that Guanghai surpassed Congfang's record when he joined Pau FC - Figure 2.

Guang Hai is actively training at Pau Football Club.Photo: Paul Football Club

With the same feeling, Sina also hopes that Guang Hai can fly farther and write a new historical chapter for Vietnamese football.

“If Guang Hai can gain a firm foothold in Pau, this team will definitely not be his last stop in Europe. Guang Hai, who can reach the top five in the Europa League, can fly farther. Because of this, the 1997 The players born in 2009 will once again write a new chapter in the history of Vietnamese football,” Sina newspaper confirmed.

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