Coach Bae Ji-won: Who is the new captain of the V.League Viettel club?

18 Jul 2022 | 10:26 | Football

The Viettel club’s leadership has changed in terms of personnel on the training bench after a lacklustre early stage in the V.League. Specifically, the Army team chose a South Korean fitness coach, Pei Zhiyuan, to replace Mr. Zhang Yuehuang as the club captain.

It is reported that after resigning as the head coach of the Vietnamese club, Mr. Zhang Yuehuang will take up the responsibility of leading young players in the Vietnam Football Center. As for head coach Bae Ji-won, he will be tasked with leading Viettel’s first team from the seventh round – V.League against Haiphong Club.

Who is coach Bae Jiwon?

Coach Bae Jiwon: Who is the new captain of the V.League Viettel club?  - Photo 1.

Coach Bae Ji-won used to be the physical assistant phone of Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo (Photo Sports)

For Vietnamese fans, Coach Pei Zhiyuan is not an unfamiliar name, because he worked as an assistant physical and fitness coach in Vietnam under Coach Park Hengrui in 2018.

After that, he returned to South Korea to support a number of clubs playing in the K.League, and then returned to Vietnam to join the Viettel club’s training committee.

Talking about the decision to choose Viettel as a stopover, coach Bae Ji-won said: “When I returned to Vietnam, I received invitations from other teams, but Viettel’s proposal made me feel very convincing. First of all.

This is a team with a good record, ideal training system and infrastructure. Wearing a Viettel fitness trainer’s shirt was a new challenge for me. And my goal is to help the team win a lot of titles in the future. “

Coach Bae Jiwon: Who is the new captain of the V.League Viettel club?  - Photo 2.

Coach Bae Ji-won to take on new role at Viettel Club (Photo Sports)

At present, after an in-depth study of the Vietnamese football environment, coach Bae Zhiyuan has taken a big step in his career and has become the head coach of a great team in the V.League.

His success in leading the Viettel club in the AFC Cup as interim coach helped him to be officially named the club’s favourite by the team’s leadership team.

According to research, for the remainder of the season, when taking on the task of piloting the boat Viettel. Coach Bae Ji-won will be under a lot of pressure as the team’s goal for the 2022 season is to win the V.League title.

In addition, there are goals in side matches such as the National Cup final and the AFC Cup regional final. These are indeed no small challenges waiting for Coach Pei Zhiyuan on the way forward.

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