Coach Park Hengrui gave Laos Championship’s “scorer” chance?

31 Aug 2022 | 08:37 | Football

The 2022 AFC Cup is due to take place by the end of the year, and Vietnam is aiming to retake the throne from Thailand. In addition to overseeing the performance of key players, Coach Park is also looking for new faces for the team.

Coach Park Hengrui gave the

Duc Chinh caused great disappointment when he ran out of money in V.League 2022.

When time-honored names such as Tien Linh, Cong Phuong or Duc Chinh are not reassuring, public goods are seen as the areas that need the most upgrades. Cong Phuong missed the last two HAGL matches due to the Influenza A, while Tien Linh has only just returned to the field after a period of injury treatment.

Meanwhile, Duc Chinh, despite playing 12 games for the tie, failed to score a goal, causing great disappointment. So far, he’s the only name not known to score in Vo Soccer’s offense. This is the most likely reason that Duc Chinh will be absent from the military gathering in September.

On the contrary, a new factor has emerged, worthy of the trust of coach Park Heung-seo. Nguyen Xuan Nam – a player who was not optimistic at the beginning of the season, but has recently made a big splash.

Coach Park Hengrui gave the

Xuan Nan (7th) shined with 4 goals.

Although he couldn’t compete with foreign soldiers for the main kick in the pacification attack, whenever there was an opportunity, Xuannan always knew how to take advantage. After only 9 appearances in V.League 2022, Hyunnam has scored 4 goals thanks to his smart movement and good reading.

This number is on par with Cong Phuong and Tien Linh, and they are among the top scorers in the country. He has brought back important goals for Binh Dinh in the past 2 rounds. Players from Haiyang can shoot well with both feet.

He was called up to Vietnam to focus on the opening match against Saudi Arabia in the third round of the 2022 Asian World Cup qualifiers, but didn’t make it to the end. What has been and is being shown, Coach Park Hengrui should give Xuan Nan more opportunities. The 1994-born striker is desperate to prove himself again.

Nguyen Xuan Nam plays for SHB Vientiane (Laos) on loan from Hanoi FC. As the lowest-paid foreign aid in this team, the players from Haiyang played the most prominently. He scored 15 goals in 13 matches at the Lao National Championship, becoming a “shooter” and was nominated for the title of the best player of the tournament.

Xuan Nan’s impressive performance in the 2015 Lao National Championship made him a target of the Lao Football Association’s plan to “raise” the Lao national team. Specifically, after the match between HAGL Attapeu and SHB Vientiane, Lao Football Association technical director Steve Dabi and Lao national team coach David Booth came off the field to congratulate Xuan Nam and expressed his performance for the team wishes. Not too distant future.

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