Confirmed: Ronaldo and Messi can go head to head without waiting for the World Cup

31 Dec 2021 | 01:51 | Football

FIFA is facing a wave of strong opposition to their plan to hold the World Cup every two years. To oppose the decision, UEFA’s big boss himself spoke out about the organization’s intentions.

UEFA vice-president, former Polish football legend Zbigniew Boniek himself confirmed: “The UEFA Nations League will only be held one last time (season 2022/23) in its current format. We have met with CONMEBOL and from 2024 South American teams will participate in the tournament to be held in Europe. We are still working to decide on a new format of competition.”

Accordingly, from the 2023/24 season, South American teams will be invited to participate in the UEFA Nations League held annually in Europe instead of friendly matches. Previously, it was UEFA and CONMEBOL that publicly signed an agreement to organize an intercontinental tournament without the World Cup.

According to ESPN journalist Dale Johnson, the top 6 strongest teams in South America will be placed in League A, the remaining 4 teams will be placed in League B. With this information, Argentina of superstar Lionel Messi and Portugal Portugal of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will share a League A
Therefore, it is completely possible to see Messi and Ronaldo face off against each other without having to wait for the World Cup. By organizing a separate tournament like this, UEFA and CONMEBOL are conspiring against FIFA and making them not being able to pursue the dream of the World Cup every two years.

If they are still determined to carry out the above-mentioned project with a strong smell of money, FIFA will lose all its member federations in Europe and South America because they already have another tournament that also brings in equally much money.


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