CSUN Olympic Spotlight – Nic Taylor

09 Dec 2021 | 06:43 | Track and Field

With the Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, takes a moment to look back at CSUN’s history at the Olympic Games. In today’s Olympic Spotlight, we take a look at former Matador Track and Field standout turned USA bobsledder Nic Taylor.

Former CSUN men’s track and field student-athlete Nic Taylor has a lot on his plate these days. He is not only a husband, father and future doctor but is also an aspiring Olympic medalist in the bobsled. At the moment, Taylor is fully immersed in training, studying and family time all the while keeping his sights firmly set on the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.Taylor_Nic_Olympic Spotlight

Taylor’s initial Olympic experience came at the 2018 Winter Games when he was named a replacement athlete for the U.S. Olympic Men’s Bobsled Team in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Taylor and Jimmy Reed were selected as replacement athletes and traveled to PyeongChang. The two were eligible to substitute for competing athletes during training runs and were eligible to compete in the event of an injury or illness.

At the same time, Taylor said he started thinking of a possible career which would enable him to remain in the realm of sports.

“While in Korea during the 2018 Olympics, I realized becoming a sports doctor in the field of Chiropractic care would be a super fun and rewarding thing to do,” he said. “So, in between training sessions I applied to Life University in Marietta, Georgia. As soon as I made it back to the states, I began school and am now one year away from becoming Dr. Nic Taylor!”

Taylor_Nic_18While studying and class take up a good portion of his time, training is also paramount for Taylor. He has spent much of his time recently traveling from Georgia to Lake Placid, N.Y., the home of the USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation training headquarters.

“Since I’m also going to school full time, I usually end up rushing to the airport immediately after a final exam, jumping into a bobsled race, and returning to adjust patients in our student clinic,” said Taylor. “It’s awesome!”

Family has also intersected with bobsledding as Taylor married fellow USA bobsled team member Elana Meyers in April 2014. Meyers and pusher Lauren Gibbs won the Silver Medal in the two-woman bobsled at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The couple welcomed their first child, Nico seven months ago. Taylor_Nic_Olympic Spotlight

“He’s the perfect bobsled baby,” said Taylor. “He’s smart, strong, and so heavy!”

Taylor’s CSUN career began in 2009 when he joined the Matador Track and Field team after transferring from City College of San Francisco. He reached the final of the 200 meters at the 2010 Big West Outdoor Championships where he ultimately finished sixth. He also qualified for the 100 meters and ran the anchor leg of CSUN’s 4×400 relay team at the conference championship.

Taylor_Nic_10After earning his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from CSUN in 2011, Taylor has since coached at UCLA, the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center and Altis, formerly known as the World Athletics Center.

“After finishing my undergraduate degree at CSUN, I immediately knew I wanted to coach,” said Taylor. “I was fortunate enough to coach at UCLA right out of college. There I met an Austrian athlete named Andreas Drbol who was familiar with bobsledding and winter sports.

“He wanted to become a bobsled athlete. We ultimately agreed to train together and six months later we were living in the Olympic Training Center as members of the United States bobsled team.”

Taylor, who earned a second bachelor’s degree in engineering from Arizona State, knows the next two years will be extremely busy but is looking forward to the experience.Taylor_Nic_Olympic Spotlight

“My graduation and the 2022 Olympics will happen within months of each other,” he said. “So over the next year and a half I will focus on being the best husband and father I can possibly be, while also training and taking exams. It’s going to be awesome!”


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