Decision-making meeting coming up, should Indonesia leave or stay in AFF?

08 Aug 2022 | 00:14 | Football

Whether Indonesian football is leaving or staying in Southeast Asia remains a hot topic of discussion lately. According to Dan Tri, the chairman of the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI), Mochamad Iriawan, revealed in an interview with Van Dao media that the agency is about to hold a meeting of the Indonesian Football Federation (Exco) executive committee to discuss the possibility of leaving. AFF in the next few days.

The head of the Indonesian Football Association said: “Leaving the AFF will require serious consideration. We will meet to discuss the pros and cons of this plan. PSSI will sit down and discuss it carefully with Exco. Next week PSSI will announce the final decision to fans.”

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Indonesian football to hold important meeting on leaving AFC

News of PSSI’s departure from the AFF came in mid-July, when the East Asian Football Association (EAFF) was considered PSSI’s next “destination”. However, when nothing is finalized, Indonesian media have provided information on the possibility that PSSI will apply to join the Central Asian Football Confederation (CAFA), reported.

According to the aforementioned sources, PSSI had already taken into account the professional interest in Indonesian football when they joined EAFF. Correspondingly, there are not many events in the East Asian competition system at this time, especially the lack of playgrounds for young players. If joining EAFF, young Indonesian football will not have much chance to be rubbed off.

Instead, Indonesia will likely only face weak mid-range opponents like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Mongolia, Northern Mariana Islands… Not only that, but EAFF doesn’t have young events either, so it’s hard. Indonesian football is difficult to develop.

Therefore, they are considering the possibility of joining the Central Asian Football Association (CAFA). “Suara” analyzed the possibility of the home team joining the Central Football Association. The newspaper wrote: “CAFA is the current new option for PSSI.

The Central Academy of Fine Arts was only established in 2014, and later added two members, Iran and Afghanistan. The CFA has three teams in the top 100: Iran (21), Uzbekistan (83) and Kyrgyzstan (95). Meanwhile, Tajikistan (114), Turkmenistan (134) and Afghanistan (150) all ranked higher than Indonesia.

In addition, unlike the East Asian Football Federation, the Central Football Association has a youth championship system from U16 to U23. The downside, however, is that there is no national team competition in this region. “

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