Defending champions France continue to disappoint

18 Jun 2022 | 02:15 | Football

Superstar dies, France loses again

After 3 draws and losses and only 2 points at the bottom of the table, France is full of determination to win 3 points in Game 4 against Croatia. France once again brought a huge disappointment to the NHM in this year’s competition.

With a strong lineup of forwards Benzema and Mbappe, France is expected to claim its first victory in this year’s tournament. But while neither side had time to shine, the French defence made mistakes from the first minute.

In the 3rd minute, after Luka Modric took a corner kick, Konat had a situation to clear the ball from the opponent’s feet, but the referee thought it was a foul. The penalty against Croatia was unexpectedly determined after hearing from VAR. At 11m, Luka Modric made no mistakes and beat goalkeeper Mike Mainy to open the scoring.

UEFA Nations League: French champions continue to disappoint - Photo 1.

Modric started the game from the penalty spot. (Photo: UEFA)

The opening came with bitter fruit, but the French team still played weakly. Their possession index is not even as good as Croatia’s.

Going into the second half, the situation for the defending champions was not much better. In turn, both Benzema and Mbappe had clear chances but failed to take them on a day when competition was flat.

Failed to equalize, France lost 0-1 to Croatia. It was their second loss in this year’s competition and continued to put the defending champions on the back foot. Meanwhile, Croatia are second with seven points.

UEFA Nations League: French champions continue to disappoint - Photo 2.

The match between Benzema and Mbappe was lackluster.Photo: UEFA

With a slight victory, Denmark remains at the top of the list.

Against Austria at home, the mentality is relaxed, the Danish team showed the intention of taking all 3 points in this game. From the first minute, Denmark put together a series of dangerous attacks, heading towards the visitors’ goal.

After those shutdowns, goals were inevitable. In less than 40 minutes of kick-off, Denmark scored 2 goals in a row to take the lead. Jonas Wind and Andreas Skov Olsen were the men who put their names on the scoreboard in the 21st and 37th minutes respectively.

Faced with such a stormy offensive pressure, Austria had to resist, finding ways to overcome and minimize these dangers. Maybe Denmark could have scored more goals if they had taken full advantage.

Denmark beat Austria 2-0, and after 4 games, they ranked first in the A1 National League with 9 points. Austria scored 4 points and ranked 3rd.

Match Results:

UEFA Nations League: French champions continue to disappoint - Photo 3.

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