Determine Viettel’s next opponent in 2022 AFC Cup

16 Jul 2022 | 10:07 | Football

As such, Viettel will face Malaysia’s representative Kuala Lumpur City Club in the semi-finals in Southeast Asia. With the victory in Group 1, Vettel will be able to play at home in the upcoming semi-final. This is considered an advantage for Army teams when they have the support of home fans. Most likely, Viettel will continue to choose Thong Nhat Stadium (Ho Chi Minh City) as its AFC Cup home.

Determine Viettel's next opponents in the 2022 AFC Cup - Photo 1.

2022 AFC Cup knockout fixtures.

It also means that Hoang Duc and his teammates don’t spend much time moving around and getting used to playing at Thong Nhat Stadium. The match between Viettel and Kuala Lumpur City will be held on 9th August.

As for the opponent Kuala Lumpur City, the Malaysian team ranked 6/12 in the Malaysian League with 4 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses, and the state is not good. Therefore, with the current strength, Vettel can completely beat this team and win the right to play in the Southeast Asia final if he plays in the right state. At that time, Huang De and his teammates will be the winners of the remaining semi-final combination between PSM Makassar (Indonesia) and Kedah Daru Aman (Malaysia). Afterwards, Viettel will face the Indian representative ATK Mohun Bagan in the inter-regional semi-final in early September if they pass the Southeast Asia final.

Determine Viettel's next opponent in the 2022 AFC Cup - Photo 2.

If Viettel’s representatives want to go deep in this year’s competition, they have to be very focused.

At present, Viettel has changed in the coaching staff. They have just transferred coach Truong Viet Hoang to the youth academy and took coach Bae Zhiyuan as team captain. However, this is the case. It would be too much to not affect this team, as the South Korean strategist was also Vettel’s leader in the final group game.

In the V.League, Viettel is currently 7th with a game not played. On July 15, Huang De and his teammates will struggle to make their way to the Lach Tray Stadium in Haiphong, a top team. If they don’t want to be left behind in this season’s title race, they’ll be forced to work hard to win.

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