Duong Thanh Hao made a ‘fatal’ mistake, HAGL escaped from Pingding

03 Jul 2022 | 06:25 | Football

HAGL is deadlocked

Unlike their impressive performance in V.League 2021, HAGL has had a difficult start in Night Wolf V.League 2022 under coach Kiatisuk.

After the first 4 rounds, HAGL failed to win (3 draws and 1 loss: draw with Nam Dinh, HL. Ha Tinh 0-0 tied, 2-2 draw with Viettel, 0-2 loss to SLNA).

Round 5 Nightwolves V.League 2022: Duong Thanh Hao made a 'fatal' mistake to help HAGL avoid losing to tie - Photo 1.

HAGL (yellow jersey) lost to host Topenland Binh Dinh in the fifth round of V.League 2022. Photo: VPF

The V.Leage 2022, which will last about 3 months, will take a break to make way for the U23 team, Vietnam Tel on duty World Cup qualifier round 3, SEA Games 31, AFC U23 Championship 2022 will help HAGL “adjust the viewfinder” “success. But yesterday afternoon , When V.League returned in the 5th round, Tuanying, Xuanchang, Fan Quan, Fan Cheng, Ming Wang and other highlights… HAGL still cannot meet the expectations of fans.

For most of the first half, HAGL could hardly deploy the usual smooth coordination. Topenland Binh Dinh played fast and batted so fiercely that HAGL’s position was divided.

Topenland Binh Dinh has more ball possession but not much threat to the goal. Goalkeeper Duong Van Loi, born in 2000 (played for the first time in V.League as HAGL’s 2 goalkeepers Van Truong and Tuan Linh both played in First injury in V.League).

When it seemed impossible to make any breakthrough, suddenly Toben Lan leveled to take the lead in the 19th minute. Foreigner Jamie Lynch made a long pass from the left to the penalty area and tried to save the ball from the bottom line. Chinh helped Van Thanh (No. 88) have Opportunity to put the ball against the wall and score an empty goal.

Losing first, HAGL remained trapped in front of the tight home team’s defense. The most notable situation was Fan Qing’s shot from a small angle in the 24th minute that went over the bar.

Duong Thanh Hao made a mistake

The turning point came in the 40th minute when the pacified fans fully believed in the certainty of the home team’s defence.

In a seemingly innocuous high ball situation, captain Yang Qinghao “double-faulted” the ball wide, and then instead of passing it back to the goalkeeper decisively, he tried to break the ball out of bounds. Create conditions for Fan Toan, let him have the opportunity to play his strengths in short passes, facing goalkeeper Wu Xuanguang.

Round 5 Nightwolves V.League 2022: Duong Thanh Hao made a 'fatal' mistake to help HAGL avoid losing to tie - Photo 3.

Goalkeeper Tuyen Quang was sent off after fouling Van Toan.Photos: 24 hours

In the blink of an eye, Xuan Guang made the decision to “get out”, fouled Fan Toan near the penalty area, and was sent off by referee Zhang Hongwu with a red card.

Under such circumstances, head coach Ruan Desheng had to make a change and reluctantly withdraw forward He Deqing to make room for goalkeeper Ming Huang.

Playing better than people, HAGL has better control of the game, but they still lack enough “damage” balls to penetrate opposing defenses.

In the 59th minute, Van Thanh escaped to the ball to “eliminate” goalkeeper Minh Hoang, but Dinh Trong read the situation and pulled back to save Topenland Binh Dinh.

Busy attacking without a goal, HAGL almost had to concede a goal again with Raphaelson and Hendrio fighting back.

Round 5 Night Wolf V.League 2022: Duong Thanh Hao makes a 'fatal' mistake, HAGL escapes pacified loss - Photo 4.

Cong Phuong and HAGL drew 1-1 with hosts Topenland Binh Dinh. Photo: VPF

In the last 10 minutes of the game, HAGL played half-time trying to defend most of Topenland Binh Dinh. Goalkeeper Minh Hoang was only able to block Brandau’s volley brilliantly in the 85th minute, but failed to save the home side in the 86th minute.

The situation where HAGL has a goal is very similar to the opening stage of Topenland Binh Dinh. Tuan Anh made a cross from the left to the penalty area, and Van Thanh headed the ball to “clean up” the game, helping Brandao (No. 30) head close to the wall to tie it 1-1.

This is also the final score of the game when no goals are scored in the remaining minutes.

With 4 points/5 games, HAGL is still in the second half of the standings and it will take a lot of work to get back into the Championship in the near future. And Topenland Binh Dinh (7 points / 4 games) temporarily ranked fifth.

Apart from Duong Thanh Hao’s (Topenland Binh Dinh) error, fans also witnessed another very confusing own goal from the defender during the match between hosts Haiphong and Saigon FC at Lach Tray Stadium. .

1 minute after the goal was conceded (Trieu Viet Hung opened the scoring, goalkeeper Van Phong opened the ball for Hai Phong after Hai Huy’s free-kick error), Saigon FC conceded a second goal. This time it was a shot. Breaking the ball is like Quoc Long’s Dangerous Ball hitting the main net!

In the second half, Haiphong scored another goal (61st minute) due to foreign aid. Saigon FC only recovered the glorious goal of No. 10 Andre Vieira in the 86th minute, and finally won 3-1. Haiphong (11 points/5 games) remains unbeaten this season and ranks first in the league.

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