Golf lovers can’t miss the super-hot check-in spots this summer

24 Jun 2022 | 03:25 | Football

Challenging Ocean View Golf Course System

The trend of golf tourism (combination of travel, vacation, golf) is gaining favor among golf enthusiasts. There’s nothing better than an exciting and rewarding summer to relax in comfort with your family while you’re out to the fields with a cane every day.

Leading the trend of creating a resort ecosystem integrated with golf courses, FLC Biscom’s international standard linked golf course system stretches from north to south and promises to be an ideal destination for golfers.

Located next to the wonders of the world, the golf course among the top 10 golf courses in Vietnam – Ha Long FLC Golf Club is ideal for golfers who love magnificent nature. Highlights include Cave 12, which offers stunning views of Ha Long Bay, or Cave 08, which offers panoramic views of Ha Long City from above.

A super-hot check-in spot that golfers can't miss this summer - Figure 1.

See all the wonders of Halong Bay on hole 12 of Halong FLC Golf Club

Meanwhile, FLC Golf Links Sam Son is known for its natural terrain-designed green space, taking advantage of the beauty of the man-made lake and surrounding Casuarina forest. With meticulous investment and care, FLC Golf Links Sam Son has earned its reputation as a ‘green park’ of natural beauty.

A super-hot check-in spot that golfers should not miss this summer - Figure 2.

FLC Golf Course Sam Son – Huge green park in the heart of the coastal city

FLC Golf Links Quang Binh is ideal for golfers looking to elevate their experience with a challenging golf course this summer. FLC Golf Links Quang Binh is 7232 yards long, and each hole on the course has its own character and difficulty. Hole No. 15 and No. 2 face the sea, the sun is shining in Haining, and the sea breeze can be seen. The 10th green is deep and downhill, making it impossible for players to see from a distance when they want to hit the ball exactly. Or the 7th hole has 2 greens; the 9th hole is curved on the right side, with sand dunes on one side and casuarina forest on the other side, making golfers feel the hardship from the tee to the last green.

A super-hot check-in spot that golfers should not miss this summer - Figure 3.

FLC Golf Links Quang Binh Golf Course and Natural Terrain Challenge Golfers of All Levels

Deep into the waters of Quy Nhon, golfers will encounter the famous FLC Golf Links Quy Nhon golf course, a unique design of 36 international standard golf holes harmoniously combined with the idyllic scenery of Nhon Beach. The terrain with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other creates a unique environment and a challenging golf course that offers golfers of all levels an unforgettable experience.

The super-hot check-in point that golfers should not miss this summer - Figure 4.

Play golf at FLC Golf Links Quy Nhon while watching the most beautiful sunrise in Vietnam

On the golf course, golfers can experience seamless winding fairways and conquer golf holes while enjoying sweeping views of the vast ocean, natural, poetic sand dunes filled with sun and cool breezes.

Enjoy the swing for just 2.2 million

To anticipate the needs of golfers this summer in advance, FLC Ha Long, FLC Sam Son, FLC Quy Nhon, FLC Biscom are implementing the Stay & Play combo for just VND 2,440,000 each. With each combination, after an impressive few rounds of golf, golfers will be able to rest in extremely “real” five-star hotels in the complex. Meanwhile, enjoy typical dishes for free at the hotel and the 19-th Hole restaurant.

Specially designed for those who like new experiences, golfers will have the opportunity to play 02 rounds of 18-hole golf at the top beautiful and romantic golf course in the same trip, golf trip plans start from only VND 4,700,000/person. After a long day at work, golfers can both satisfy their passions and immerse themselves in nature at FLC Golf Course Sam Son and Trang An Golf Resort – a golf course surrounded by romantic pine forests. On sale until close: 12/08/2022.

For golf clubs who want to organize an outing tournament to communicate and connect with their members, FLC Biscom will “fulfill” the plan to organize a package outing tournament at one of the 04 golf courses in the FLC Biscom system, priced from only VND 2,200,000/person. On sale until the end of the year: August 31, 2022.

Are you ready to pack your bags and go? With a system of five-star hotels and chain restaurants, an international standard golf course, and the most beautiful time of year to experience at the FLC Biscom Golf Course, it is a new option that golfers of all levels should try in the summer.

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