Guang Hai fainted in Pau FC: teammate mistake?

25 Aug 2022 | 03:24 | Football

In the fourth round of Ligue 1, midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai’s Pau FC played against the visiting team Sochaux. The opponent was considered mediocre. In this game, Guanghai was not in the starting lineup.

In the first 20 minutes of the game, Pau FC deployed a small coordinated kick, a cohesive short pass. They can hold the ball in midfield and have an advantage over Sochaux players in that regard. But then, the players of Pau FC stopped doing it.

Guang Hai fainted in Pau FC: teammate mistake?  - Photo 1.

Guang Hai and his teammates had a poor start in Ligue 1. Photo: Pau FC

Sochaux players gradually took control of the midfield. At the end of the first half, because the home team’s central defender made a very basic mistake, that is, passing the ball to the opponent, the visiting team took advantage of the situation to score first.

In the 63rd minute, Guanghai entered the field. He had few touches but also a delicate pass, creating opportunities for his team-mates to face the opposition goalkeeper, but unfortunately because his teammates were slow to deal with them, in part because the tackle seemed to have been fouled by the opposing defender.

It can be seen from the competition that Guanghai’s road to success is still very difficult, and it does not only depend on his own efforts. Obviously, the Pau FC coach wants his players to run the ball from the bottom line, but his players don’t always do that.

The fact that the Pau FC forward failed to score through Quang Hai’s pass did not affect Quang Hai’s affirmation of his role. Because for a professional player, his role depends on how well he passes the ball and whether his teammates take advantage of it.

Instead of strengthening possession, Pau FC’s midfielder passed the ball back and forth, swiping to create deviations in the opposition’s defense to find opportunities, and they scrambled to provide assists. The player receiving the ball is not in the most favorable position.

Guang Hai fainted in Pau FC: teammate mistake?  - Photo 2.

The teammates did not cooperate well, making Guanghai even more difficult.Photo: Paul Football Club

There is a feeling, now with an almost new line-up, under the pressure of the competition for places, the midfielders are all trying to develop their abilities, trying to pass the ball to score decisions, which has a detrimental effect on the game and the game. Pau FC’s results in this match. This kind of kicking method of teammates is not conducive to Guanghai’s special ability to play.

The internal rivalry also manifested itself in the game against Le Havre. Both direct free kicks were on the right side of the opposition’s goal, a favourable position for a left-footed player like Guang Hai, who was beaten with his right foot by No. 7, who was also a winner. Flowstone painting.

In addition to the goalkeeper, Pau’s defense was also underperforming. They admitted 3 rather ungrateful goals. This fact not only affected Pau FC’s results, but ironically, it directly affected Guanghai’s chances.

When the defenders are doing well, they and the midfielders have the ball and run a rhythmic attack from the bottom up. With such cooperation, Guanghai has the ball right. But when they didn’t play well, after several staggered, staggered suspensions, under pressure from Sochaux’s attacking players, they had to pass the ball back to the centre-back or the goalkeeper to play hard. In this case, with his short stature, he has no chance of playing football at all.

Guang Hai fainted in Pau FC: teammate mistake?  - Photo 3.

Gwanghae’s individual efforts weren’t enough for him to shine in Ligue 1. Photo: SPORT

Pau FC’s squad can be considered a whole new team, from players to the construction of the team’s competitive identity. It is hoped that gradually, the players will play for the team instead of their own affairs, and the defensive players will also be able to understand each other better and coordinate development in the defensive stage. There are many opportunities to show his special qualities.

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