Half of players infected with Covid-19 and 31st SEA Games target

10 May 2022 | 02:04 | Football

The press conference before the start of the men’s futsal match of the 31st Southeast Asian Games was held in Henan, Vietnam, with the participation of five teams including the host country, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia. The men’s futsal at the 31st Southeast Asian Games adopts a single round-robin format, and the team with the highest score will win the gold medal.

Press conference before the 31st Futsal SEA Games - Photo 1.

Vietnam futsal team coach Pham Minh Giang and captain Tran Van Vu attended the press conference.Photo: Writing Ideas

Head coach Fan Mingjiang replied at a press conference about the team’s goal in the 31st SEA Games: “Gold medal is the team’s goal. Thailand is a strong team, Indonesia and Malaysia have investment and development. But we are At home, the players are well prepared and in good spirits.”

“Futsal in Southeast Asia, the physical strength and finishing ability are not good. Thailand has 2 wins and 1 draw. These 2 weaknesses have been improved. It was also in the last game. The team lost. Infected with Covid. The -19 squad is more than halfway through, and this time with the young players of Nguyen Chin Thanh and Du Ming Quang, we will take a new and different step,” shared the Vietnam Futsal Head Coach.

Coach Pham Minh Giang is the first domestic team leader of Vietnam Futsal at the Southeast Asian Games. However, he said the goal of winning the gold medal was not pressure but a destination, albeit a very difficult one. Of course, the team is very strong, even Malaysia has invested heavily, and Indonesia and Thailand have affirmed their strength.

Press conference before the 31st Futsal SEA Games - Photo 2.

Coach Fan Mingjiang is confident in his goal of winning the gold medal at the 31st Southeast Asian Games. Photo: Viet Niem

When asked about the possibility of being caught by the opponent, Mr Jiang said: “After the AFC Cup, our finishing ability was poor, we practiced a lot of finishing ability and improved more. I have 2 pivots. They are Minh Tri and Thanh Phat, Tuan Thanh is new, right footed. There will be interference and opponents will be surprised. If Minh Tri is in good form, even if he is caught, he will still have a boom.”

“The floor of the World Cup is wood, so the ball runs fast and the players have to work harder. The speed of the ball will be slower on the floor at the SEA Games, but we’re used to it. In the AFC Cup, we didn’t even start practicing . Adapting to the field shouldn’t be a problem,” explained the captain of the Vietnamese futsal team.

Speaking of the first opponent of the tournament, Jiang said: “Indonesia has a high-quality, unified squad and they played hard. But through the AFC Cup, we have a lot of data and information about this opponent. Video. We want to overcome our weaknesses and overcome their strengths.”

Vietnam futsal team: Strive to win gold at the 31st Southeast Asian Games despite many players contracting Covid-19 - Photo 3.

Captain Tran Van Vu reminded his juniors before the official race.Photo: Writing Ideas

Captain Van Vu sent a message to the juniors: “After the Southeast Asia race was not as expected, I had a chat with Tak Ho and Kwong Ting Hung. After that, the whole team has almost completely changed. Last time in the rally, I just wanted to tell you, You need to focus on the warm-up, focus more on the game and the victory will come to you.”

The Vietnamese futsal team will have their pre-game practice session at Ha Nam High School today at 4pm. Tomorrow (May 11) at 4pm, Vietnam futsal will take on Indonesian futsal at Ha Nam Stadium, while Malaysia and Thailand futsal will be played at 1pm.

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