Hoang Van Khanh makes many mistakes: SLNA has a new captain?

23 Jul 2022 | 11:10 | Football

SLNA is rated higher than SHB Da Nang for very high performance and spirit. However, in the 8th round of the V.League 2022 trip to Huachun Stadium, SLNA suddenly lost 1-3. This loss caused SLNA to lose the top spot to Haiphong.

Defensive turnovers were the main reason for the SLNA’s loss. After the game, head coach Nguyen Huy Hoang expressed his disappointment at the defensive mistakes. In particular, the name considered to be the “criminal” of the Nghe team is captain Hoang Van Khanh.

Hoang Van Khanh makes many mistakes: SLNA has a new captain?  - Photo 1.

Hoang Van Khanh made a mistake against SHB Da Nang

Goalkeeper Le Van Hung conceded 2/3 of the goals conceded by Van Khanh’s stupid mistakes. With SHB Da Nang scoring the second goal (in the 71st minute), Van Khanh allowed Pham Dinh Duy to successfully steal the ball before arranging for Nguyen Phi Hoang to score.

In the ensuing situation, the centre-back, wearing the No. 5 jersey, continued to piss off the fans with an inaccurate tackle that helped Phi Hoang easily bring the ball into the penalty area and set the stage for Dinh Duy to “clean up the mess”. SHB Da Nang.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Fan Qing has made such a low-level mistake this season. In the Nghe Tinh derby in the 7th round of the V.League, Van Khanh also made a dribbling error, although SLNA won 1-0.

Hoang Van Khanh makes many mistakes: SLNA has a new captain?  - Photo 2.

Should SLNA change captains?

To be sure, Fan Qing has never had such a bad game since being assigned to the SLNA first team in 2016. During Que Ngoc Hai’s time with Viettel (2019-2021), Van Khanh has been a solid defender and a true leader on the pitch and in the home team’s dressing room.

For some unknown reason, Fan Khanh’s performances have been seriously down recently, especially against SHB Da Nang. The 1995-born player’s talent and game experience have been proven, so perhaps the problem isn’t purely professional.

Maybe it’s time that the SLNA BHL should reconsider leaving Van Khanh as captain, as coaches Park Hang-seo and Que Ngoc Hai did. Who knows, when he no longer needs to be the captain, Fan Qing will be more comfortable psychologically and can focus 100% on the game.

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