HOT: Guanghai France closed station, waiting for the last step!

21 Jun 2022 | 02:59 | Football

The future of midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai has been a hot topic in recent days. In April this year, Guanghai reached preliminary terms with an Austrian club. However, the deal fell through after he and his representatives went to work in Austria. As we all know, if you join this team, Guanghai Stadium has little chance, so he gave up.

HOT: Guanghai France closed station, waiting for the last step!  - Photo 1.

The representative confirmed that Guanghai was awaiting a medical examination in France.

In the latest move by the social network, Mr. Nguyen Duc Van – Quang Hai’s representative confirmed that the 2018 Ballon d’Or will choose France as its new destination. Mr. Fan shared the article “Midfield Guanghai: Waiting for a medical examination to play football in France” from the Tuoi Tre newspaper, which confirmed the above information.

According to representatives of Guang Hai, the midfielder, born in 1997, is currently in Vietnam to apply for a work visa from his contract with the new club. After that, Hai will return to France for a medical examination. The timing of Guanghai’s trip to France depends on when he gets a work visa. After that, he will undergo a medical examination. If passed, the new contract will officially take effect, and Guanghai will officially launch the new club. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before Guanghai officially signs a contract with the French team.

HOT: Guanghai France closed station, waiting for the last step!  - Photo 2.

Guanghai is completing the final formalities before officially joining the new team.

Talking about Guang Hai’s new stop, the representative Nguyen Duc Van said that he and Guang Hai must abide by confidentiality conditions when negotiating with French clubs, such as release time, salary and contract duration.

“We know that fans and the media want to know about Guanghai’s new destination. But at the moment we can’t publish anything because everything has to be kept confidential according to the regulations. All we can say is that Guanghai’s contract with the French club is only possible through the upcoming It is only valid after the medical examination. At that time, Guanghai will wear the No. 19 jersey at the French club.”

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