How does the Pau FC coach evaluate Guanghai’s expertise?

24 Jul 2022 | 11:15 | Football

Nguyen Quang Hai is one of Pau FC’s rookies for the new season. Through 3 friendly matches, players wearing No. 19 have the opportunity to play.

Unlike other Vietnamese players who went abroad before, Guang Hai chose a lesser-known team in Ligue 1. Guanghai made the above decision purely to find more opportunities to play.

Recently, the head coach of Pau Football Club commented on the Vietnamese football star: “Guang Hai is a very special contract, and I always look at this contract with a professional eye.

Now is the time for Hai to focus on self-development, because living abroad is a bit difficult for him. We watched the video, and by evaluating the software, Guanghai was a great addition to the team and that was the position we were looking for. “

Coach Pau FC evaluates Guanghai's expertise - Figure 1.

Pau FC coach commented that Guang Hai is a quality supplement

Recently, the 1997-born player left the hotel and moved to a new home in Pau. At the same time, the host team will also provide a car for Hai “Children” to facilitate transportation.

In addition, Nguyen Guanghai is also working hard to integrate into new teammates. Guang Hai always tries his best to learn foreign language communication on the football field. Recently, Dongying player confidently sang the song “One House” and presented it to the team at the meeting.

Here, Guanghai will conduct its final “test” in Pau. Pau FC vs Chamois Niortais match is going to be played on 23rd July at 22:00.

In the opening game of Ligue 2 2022-2023, Pau FC will travel to EA Guingamp. A Vietnamese media has officially announced that it owns the rights to all Pau FC matches for the Ligue 2 season (2022-2023 and 2023-2024).

To sum up, NHM is looking forward to Guanghai having the opportunity to participate in the official match of Ligue 2.

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