Losing outright, the president of PSG and the CEO asked about the referee in anger

10 Mar 2022 | 02:15 | Football

 The defeat against Real Madrid made the head at PSG feel angry because of the referee’s decision.

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PSG is the club with the majority of the advantage and the initiative after 2 matches against Real Madrid. They even led the opponent by 2 goals, but in the end, they were reversed by Los Blancos.

PSG’s painful defeat stems from the situation where Karim Benzema rushed in close to Gianluigi Donnarumma, causing the Italian goalkeeper to miss the ball, thereby creating an opportunity for the star born in 1987 to score. 

This was the turning point that led to the loss of PSG. And that was also the moment that made the French rich man’s BLD mad. 

According to Movistar’s Monica Marchante, president Nasser Al-Khelaifi went straight into the tunnel after the final whistle. He and the club’s director of football, Leonardo, went to find the team’s dressing room to complain about something they didn’t like during the game.
Losing outright, the president of PSG and the CEO asked about the referee in anger - Football

 The president of PSG went to the referee after the defeat.

The PSG side is said to feel absurd because Benzema’s impact on Donnaruma did not help the away team receive the free kick . Instead, the referee let the situation continue.

The most interesting thing about this incident lies in the PSG president. He was revealed to have entered the wrong room of Mejia Davila – a representative of Real Madrid. After that, this rich billionaire had to work very hard to make his apology move.


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