Lost to Vietnam U16, what does the Thailand U16 coach admit?

13 Aug 2022 | 01:07 | Football

Entering the semi-finals as the second best team in the group, the U16 Vietnam team did not perform better than the U16 Thailand team. “Battle Elephant” is a team in better form in the group stage, with an undefeated record, 2 wins over East Timor and Brunei, and a draw with Laos U16 in the midfield.

However, when U16 Vietnam was the team that completely owned the game and played on the basis of Thailand U16s, the situation on the field was almost the opposite of what was predicted. Teacher and coach Nguyen Quoc Duan became the first team to compete in the 2022 Southeast Asia U16 Championship final with a convincing 2-0 win.

After the game, Thailand U16 coach Phipop Onbo said in an interview with reporters: “The quality of the game between the two teams today is very good, but I must admit that Vietnam U16 is ready. We lack the captain Patcharaphon Lekkul, who is the mainstay of the team. .” team, but I don’t think that’s the reason for losing to U16 Vietnam in the semi-finals.

    Thailand U16 coach frankly admits the reason for losing to Vietnam U16 - Figure 1.

Lost to Vietnam U16 in semi-final, Thailand U16 disappointed

We still have a third place game. What needs to be done now is to revive the spirit of the Thai U16 players. When I have a great team of doctors, therapists, fitness trainers, I’m less worried about fitness. The players will recover quickly. “

In the semi-finals, they lost to U16 Vietnam, and U16 Thailand will play third place with U16 Myanmar. In the second semi-final at 20:00 on August 10, after 90 minutes of the official game, after the two teams drew 1-1, Indonesia U16 defeated Myanmar U16 in a penalty shootout.

In Vietnam U16, coach Nguyen Quoc Duan had to receive unpleasant information about the team’s situation when goalkeeper Ding Hai was injured, and the striker was suspended for a card from Hou Yin. The final will be the chance for U16 Vietnam to recoup its debt after losing to U16 Indonesia in the group stage.

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