Marc Klok: How good is the Dutch-born U23 Indonesian superstar?

08 May 2022 | 01:56 | Football

Coming to the 31st SEA Games, the U23 Indonesia team will have the services of naturalized Dutch star Marc Klok in addition to the core players of the 2020 AFC Cup success.

Marc Klok: How good is the Dutch-born U23 Indonesian superstar?  - Photo 1.

Marc Klok will be a very catchy name for U23 Indonesia (photo campaign)

According to Dan Viet’s research, the 1993-born midfielder is one of three (23+) coach Shin Tae-yong who came to Vietnam to realize his dream of winning a gold medal after winning the award. It failed miserably at the last conference.

Currently, Marc Klok plays for Persib Bandung club and is considered one of the best midfielders in the Indonesian league. In the past, he also played for a number of teams in the lower leagues of the Netherlands before moving to Oldham Athletic Club in the English Second Division (League 2).

In terms of play, Mark Kroc is an attacking midfielder. He is known for his ability to control the midline and is very good at making decisive passes that put his teammates in a good position. Even Indonesian fans have nicknamed Mark Kroc “The King of Creation in the Land of Ten Thousand Islands”.

Marc Klok: How good is the Dutch-born U23 Indonesian superstar?  - Photo 2.

Marc Klok is the leading midfielder at the Indonesia National Championship (Photo Sports)

Sharing his feelings when he was called up to the U23 Indonesia team for the 31st SEA Games, Marc Klok was very excited: “When I received the news that I would be a member of the Indonesian U23 team for the 31st SEA Games. SEA Games, I am very honored and proud.

Now, I can’t wait to go out and wear the Garuda jersey (the nickname for the Indonesian national team). Hopefully I can do something to help the team get the best out of this year’s tournament. “

Clearly, Dutch naturalized midfielder Marc Klok is a quality addition to Indonesia’s U23s. They will definitely be a formidable opponent for every team in this year’s SEA Games. Not to mention, they also have 90% of the 2020 AFC Cup runners-up in their squad.

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