March schedule favors Arsenal in the top 4

28 Feb 2022 | 07:01 | Football

 This March, Arsenal is having a much more favorable schedule than the rivals in the top 4.

Arteta talks about his ambition to return to the Champions League

Because of being excluded from all cup competitions, Arsenal will only focus on the Premier League front in the near future.

Specifically, in this March, Arsenal will face Watford, Leicester, Liverpool and Aston Villa in turn. In particular, the matches against Watford and Aston Villa are the clashes where Mikel Arteta’s teachers and students will have to march away from home. 
The March schedule supports Arsenal in the top 4 - Football

 Arsenal has a quite favorable schedule in March.

It must also be added that, the three matches against Leicester, Liverpool and Aston Villa took place in just 6 days. This is an extremely harsh schedule and Arteta has to calculate both rotation and ensure a result in favor of the Gunners. 

Meanwhile, Tottenham have to play up to 5 matches in March. Accordingly, they will start March with a match against Middlesbrough (away) on March 1. Then, Everton, Man Utd, Brighton and West Ham will be the next challenges waiting for Antonio Conte. 

Man Utd also only had 4 matches in March, similar to Arsenal. However, they have to face very tough opponents. Man Utd kicked off March with a Manchester derby at the Etihad. Then, they will have to face Tottenham in a battle that directly affects the top 4 ticket of both. Then there are two matches against Atletico Madrid (Champions League) and Liverpool. 

With such a schedule, analysts of the statistics site Five Thirty Eight predict that Arsenal have 61% of the top four this season. 


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