Men’s football in Group A of the first 2 SEA Games

29 May 2022 | 21:26 | Football

Currently, the Philippines U23 lead Group A with 4 points after 2 games like Vietnam U23, but they are at the top because of the larger goal difference. The third place is Myanmar U23, with 3 points after the 1st World War. Next are U23 Indonesia (0 points after 1 game) and U23 East Timor (0 points after 2 games).

In this group, U23 East Timor is the most underrated team. The strength of the first two games has been greatly reduced, and it is almost certain that Coach Tsukidate Norio’s students will no longer have a chance to compete for tickets to the semi-finals. They even risk being at the bottom.

Although currently ranked second with 4 points like U23 Philippines due to goal difference (+3 vs +4), Vietnam U23 is still rated as the top team with the highest winning percentage thanks to a draw, numerous stars and home advantage .

The situation after the first 2 games of the men's football team in Group A of the SEA Games - Figure 1.

The U23 Vietnam team (red shirt) is the team with the highest chance of qualifying for the semi-finals. Photo: Cao An.

This was considered understandable as the U23 Vietnam team faced two toughest opponents in Group A. In the last two games, the students of Coach Park Hengrui faced the U23 Myanmar team and the U23 East Timor team respectively. If they play properly, the Golden Star Warriors can definitely win big.

However, due to the danger of Thailand U23’s second place in Group B, coach Park Hengrui and others will be forced to plan to avoid encountering the Golden Temple team in the semi-finals.

Of the remaining 3 teams, the Philippines U23s are the most likely team to reach the semi-finals as they have 4 points after 2 games to draw with the strongest U23 Vietnam team in the group. Today, “Azkar” will play against Myanmar U23.

The Philippines U23 will be one step closer to qualifying for the men’s football semi-finals of the 31st SEA Games if they beat Myanmar U23, so coach Salvador Salvación’s team will do everything in their power to get three points.

For their part, Myanmar U23’s ability to win tickets to continue, despite topping the opening match, was not well-received as the remaining three opponents were rated higher than them. However, there is always an element of surprise in football, so the “Angels in White” will work hard, hoping to qualify for the top 4 teams.

In the first battle, Indonesia U23 lost 0-3 to Vietnam U23. Tonight, as long as the students of coach Shin Taeyong face East Timor U23, they will have a chance to win their first victory.

Although there are no points yet, if they win the remaining 3 games, Indonesia U23 can still reach the semi-finals. According to experts, if played well, the Thousand Islands can still win the top score in the remaining 3 games because of their higher rating.

The situation after the first 2 games of the men's football team in Group A of the SEA Games - Figure 2.

The standings of the A team after the first 2 games. Image: Wikipedia.

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