Midfielder Chen Tingzhong admits the harsh truth

22 Jul 2022 | 11:04 | Football

After being sidelined for 2 years due to injury, midfielder Chen Dingzhong marked his return to the domestic arena with an outstanding performance in the 5th round V.League 1-1 draw against HAGL in 2022. After just one game, the mainstay of the Vietnam team announced the unfortunate news to coach Park Heng-seo and the NHM.

Therefore, Ding Zhong suffered another knee injury after the draw with HAGL. The injury will cause the 1997 centre-back to rest for a while. It is understood that Ding Zhong has a history of left cruciate ligament injury and has had meniscus surgery in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dinh Trong shared that he had to leave the field several times in a row, expressing his regret and taking responsibility for himself when the ongoing injury returned. Responding to VnExpress, the former Hanoi FC player admitted: “My story is a lesson for many of my colleagues. I made a big mistake trying to come back when I wasn’t in my best form, which led to the start of 2019 Injuries continue. I wish I had been more picky.

Injury recurred, the pillar of Vietnam's phone regret

Dinh Trong returned with a knee injury after a fifth-round draw with HAGL in the V League (Photo: Topenland Binh Dinh)

I was asked where the mistake came from, whether it was the expectation pressure of the team, the club or the fans. Really, I don’t blame anyone. It’s my fault. I was too hasty to go back. If I can calm down, things will be better. I also wish there were more “confident” doctors in the team or club.

They will properly assess the player’s condition and decide whether to train and play, not let the player want to. As a player, everyone wants to contribute, to play. It is important to have someone “brake” them when the condition has not fully recovered. “

Dinh Trong revealed more about the moment that made the injury worse: “It was also an important lesson for me to try to play in the Asian U23 qualifiers in My Dinh in 2020. But in our position, everyone is new Yes. To be in the national team is the dream of all players, everyone wants to contribute, but can’t help it.

Injury recurred, the pillar of Vietnam's phone regret

The 25-year-old centre-back regrets rushing back into the game (Image: Topenland Binh Dinh)

For me, even when I’m in pain or out of shape, I never say no, especially when the team needs it. But after battling injuries for a long time, now my mind has matured. I only play when I’m in good shape. “

The Pillar of Vietnam Telecom shared the influence of mature people in thinking about injuries: “First is self-awareness.​​Also, there is the influence from coach Nguyen Duc Thang. I always remind you.” When you are really strong time, training and competition. “That statement made me feel good.

I no longer feel the fear of getting hurt, and I no longer have the mentality to rush back. One day, he came to the yard, and seeing that I was tired, he took a breath and “chased” back. During the 1-1 draw with Saigon FC on July 9, I was sore and had fluid in my knee, so he also asked to rest to keep my foot. “

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