MU: Ralf Rangnick, from theory to practice…

15 Mar 2022 | 05:33 | Football

Ralf Rangnick lost his football ideals at MU, suffered criticism from the outside mixed with problems in the dressing room.

Rangnick method not developed

A scholar has an accident. The reference teacher of Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool), Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea), Julian Nagelsmann (Bayern) and a number of other good coaches of the young German generation have failed to manage their seats in one of the world’s most famous football clubs. Great temple of European football history, Old Trafford.

MU: Ralf Rangnick, from theory to reality... bad - Football

Ralf Rangnick failed to show his methods at MU. 

Ralf Rangnick, a revolutionary German strategist, with his working method, has achieved great success when bringing two clubs from the Red Bull factory, Leipzig and Salzburg, to step out. Champions League light.

Now, the match with Atletico is like a salvation so that he himself does not sink completely.

Rangnick’s first exposure to English football became a real test for the methodically convincing man that his football theory was entirely valid.

He partially improved on predecessor Solskjaer’s results, losing less, drawing more, but Rangnick was unable to plant his seeds to turn the Reds into a cohesive team.

The style of a team has to be so recognizable that, even on a bad day, you can tell what kind of football they want to play. That way you create an identity throughout the club. Not only with the players, but also with the coaching staff and the fans , “Rangnick once affirmed as a rule of life.

Four months after arriving at MU, his famous theory has yet to be put into practice. The revolution has not yet come.

The team started the first five games on a 4-2-2-2 pattern, the 63-year-old manager’s favorite system, and wanted to get closer to its fundamentals, but the last nine had to settled according to the classic 4-2-3-1, rather lackluster from a tactical point of view.

Faded tactics

Even the most knowledgeable on the matter can’t pinpoint exactly how the team plays. Pressure was as high as expected in search of an immediate rebound and an intense tempo appeared only on a few counter-attacks, as well as at the beginning of duels.

MU: Ralf Rangnick, from theory to reality... bad - Football

Tactically, MU is quite lackluster. 

For the rest, MU operates as a flat team incapable of moving forward, or unable to tackle the matches where they lead on the scoreboard.


However, the end result looks better than the match. Out of 19 matches in all competitions, Rangnick’s MU lost only 2 matches. The defeats were all in the Premier League, where the club won eight and drew another five.

Two tournaments in the Champions League (Young Boys and the first leg against Atletico) both ended in a draw. In the FA Cup, after knocking out Aston Villa, they fell to Middlesbrough at Old Trafford (1-1; lost 7-8 on penalties).

MU is currently 5th in the Premier League and the team’s jump to fourth place, currently occupied by Arsenal, looks quite complicated. Mikel Arteta’s young men have 1 point more and played 3 fewer games.

Off the pitch, Rangnick, who was contracted until the end of the season, collided with an almost more complicated wall. Criticism in the media appeared constant about tactics mixed with internal problems in the dressing room.

The players made no secret of their failure to understand the coach’s intentions, and in leaks from the dressing room, they accused him of not handling updated training sessions.

The future is not clear

The conflicts appeared continuously, from Anthony Martial (now on loan at Sevilla), Jesse Lingaard, Harry Maguire, until recently Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not play the derby against Man City (losing 1-4) but without any official explanation.

MU: Ralf Rangnick, from theory to reality... bad - Football

Ronaldo gave Conte a hug, instead of congratulating Rangnick after his hat-trick. 

Over the weekend, the Portuguese, after three goals against Tottenham, with the camera in front of him, hugged the opponent’s coach, Antonio Conte. But with Rangnick it was simply a handshake without a friendly gesture.

Former Theater of Dreams players who make a living as TV commentators face off against each other in the story of Rangnick. While Ferdinand defended based on the results obtained, Paul Scholes, a reference of many MU fans, publicly disparaged.

He’s a sporting director, not a coach, ” Scholes said after the Southampton game. MU must have the best of the best, not a sporting director who has coached for 2 seasons in the last 10 years. It’s a collective of individuals, the club lacks a coach who has worked continuously for 5 years. or the last 6 years “.

Rangnick’s future with MU is unclear. It seems certain that as a coach, he will not continue. The two names Pochettino (PSG) and Ten Hag (Ajax) are considered bright candidates for the coaching chair.

Meanwhile, the question is whether Rangnick can continue to be the CEO until 2024 as originally planned. In the event of a continuation, the responsibility for signing a new coach lies with him. But the frustration is now so high that neither the club nor Ralf himself want to talk about it.

Atletico, in the battle for Champions League quarter-finals, will directly decide Rangnick’s future.


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