Nam Dinh played a big role and recruited 2 stars of Hanoi FC?

29 Jun 2022 | 05:00 | Football

Nam Dinh, who does not have the financial resources to compete with other teams in the transfer market, has long been considered a “poor family” in the V.League. In the 2022 season, however, things will be different.

In the renovation plan of Nam Dinh under the sponsorship of Xuan Tian Group, the Tianchang Stadium team is working hard to bring in 3 to 4 stars to upgrade the team. Two of them were also exposed.This is the duo of Nguyen Thanh Chung and Pham Thanh Luong of Hanoi FC

Nam Dinh played a big role and recruited 2 stars of Hanoi FC?  - Photo 1.

Thanh Luong caught Nam Dinh’s attention.

It is understood that Nam Dinh has been trying to contact and approach Thanh Chung and Thanh Luong recently. Some sources even believe that coach Nguyen Van Siy personally called to persuade veteran general Thanh Luong to accept his command after his contract with the capital team expired.

Meanwhile, Thanh Chung is said to have signed another V.League giant, Binh Dinh Club. The Quy Nhon Stadium team spent about VND 10 billion to recruit Thanh Chung on a three-year contract. In addition, the midfielder’s salary and treatment in 1997 also ranked among the best in Vietnamese football.

This is obviously a very big competitor in Nam Dinh. Compared to Ping Ding, Nam Dinh could not be so powerful economically. Not to mention, Binh Ding currently has a plethora of stars from the inside out and has big ambitions. That is the berth that Thanh Chung or other players have priority to dock.

Nam Dinh played a big role and recruited 2 stars of Hanoi FC?  - Photo 2.

Nguyen Thanh Trung’s contract with Hanoi Football Club is about to expire.

So far, Nam Dinh has not issued any official statement on the above two cases. However, the advantage represented by southern football lies in geographic distance. If he joins Nam Dinh, Thanh Chung can have more time to take care of his new wife.

Thanh Chung’s contract with FC Hanoi expires on September 8, when he turns 25. Coach Chun Jae Ho affirmed that Thanh Luong is currently the best central defender in Vietnam and hopes to BLD Hanoi. FC does whatever it takes to keep students.

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