Pau FC coach asks Guang Hai and his teammates… to change jobs

01 Sep 2022 | 09:10 | Football

According to the list La Republique des Pyrenees, Didier Tolot, the coach of Pau FC, was furious after the humiliating defeat to Queveli. Immediately after getting Caen to prepare for a sixth-round match against the top teams, Mr. Tolot met with the team and explained:

“If you’re not ashamed and disgusted with yourself, I think you should change careers. I hope my players don’t sleep well.”

Pau FC coach asked Guang Hai and his teammates... to change jobs?  - Photo 1.

Guang Hai’s Pau FC lost to Quevilly (Image: Quevilly Rouen Metropole)

“What annoys me is the way Pau concedes goals. We lose not because your team is better, but because the players make mistakes. Christmas is not here yet, but for some reason we always It’s a gift to the opponent.” He says.

In the match against Queveli, Pau FC played better than the previous game. Quang Hai’s side even scored the opening goal thanks to Henri Saiviet. After that, however, captain Javier Kuasi made a serious error to equalise. Since then, Pau has continued to score more goals and return empty-handed.

Club Pau has barely improved compared to previous games and has gained an advantage thanks to Henri Saivet’s opener against Quevilly. While the team’s morale was high, captain Javier Kuasi suddenly made a personal error, creating conditions for the opponent to equalize. The previous two defeats, Pau FC lost due to personal errors. Mr. Tholot expressed his disappointment with a French proverb: “We were dueling, but we always gave the club to the opponent.”

Pau FC coach asked Guang Hai and his teammates... to change jobs?  - Photo 2.

Guang Hai didn’t show much in the new jersey colors

After the 5th battle, Pau scored only 2 points in the 5th battle and almost returned empty-handed. It was a very bad result as they kept exposing their weaknesses after each game and last season they finished 10th in Ligue 1.

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