Pau FC coach assigns Guanghai a special task

20 Jul 2022 | 10:42 | Football

During the season, coach Didier Tholot only exercises on the first 3 days of the week. While players are sweating profusely on the field, the 58-year-old strategist will work with video analysts and ask them to point out three strengths, weaknesses and habits of opponents for the next game.

By Thursday, the team entered a recovery phase. Vigorous exercise is no longer performed, and players relax mainly with light exercise. By the end of the session, Coach Tholot spent about 45 minutes or an hour getting the students to practice dribbling.

The Pau FC coach assigned Guanghai a special task - Picture 1.

Pau FC trains for 3 days and takes 1 day to recover.

Among them, the offensive player practices coordination and moves to about 1/3 of the opponent’s yard. They need to remember their own and their teammates’ movements. This is an important element for Guang Hai as he needs to learn how to move in sync with the satellites around him to stay in the correct position before passing or shooting.

In particular, Guanghai also has another action that is to fix the free kick. Coach Tolot is very confident in taking a corner or free-kick to the 1997-born player in the recent friendly. Although it has not been converted into a goal, it is clear that Guanghai can use this method to score with the BHL and the fans in the fastest way.

On Friday, the team entered a tactical training session. Coach Tolot deftly disguises his tactics in the form of small exercises. After that, the whole team entered the video conference room and listened to the French leaders present to introduce their opponents and the requirements for the next game.

The Pau FC coach assigned Guanghai a special task - Picture 2.

Guang Hai is assigned to take the free kick.

Saturday is considered the most important day for every player. Because, coach Tolot will announce the starting lineup. The starters know what to do, so he only cares about the rest of the players. He chatted and explained his options to them.

This is important because during the course of the game, the bench can be given a chance. Sometimes, they can even be heroes and bring victory to the team.

Therefore, Guang Hai needs to practice hard and try his best to attract the attention of Coach Tolot during the week of training sessions. At that time, he will have the opportunity to appear in the starting lineup of Pau FC in the 2022-2023 season of Ligue 1.

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