Pau FC coach slaps Guang Hai and his teammates

30 Aug 2022 | 05:38 | Football

Members of the club from Pau moved to Caen immediately after losing in the final five rounds of Ligue 1 to Quevely, preparing for a sixth-round match against top teams, according to La Republique des Pyrenees.

Although their stamina was affected after nearly 2 hours in the car, the Pau players did not rest, but were called into the conference room by coach Didier Tolot to explain. Coach Tolot expressed anger: “If you don’t feel ashamed and disgusted with yourself tonight, I think you should change careers. I hope my players don’t sleep well.”

The Pau FC coach scolded Guang Hai and his teammates for a slap - Picture 1.

The Pau FC coach is furious at the performance of his students.

In the game against Queveli in the early morning of August 28, Pau was the team that took the lead in the 50th minute to lead Sevit to score. However, it didn’t take long for captain Javier Kuasi to make a personal error and a mistake. Equalize your opponent. In the 76th minute, Pau dropped the second goal and finally lost.

Coach Tholot wasn’t satisfied when his students continued to drop precious grades because of unforgivable mistakes. “As you know, we gave the opponent a gift, helped them equalise and then won it back. That’s the ball we gave them hope. I can’t understand because at such a big moment. But we conceded the ball because we didn’t necessary error.

The Pau FC coach scolded Guang Hai and his teammates for a slap - Picture 2.

Pau FC lost to Quevily of Jason Quang Vinh Pendant.

When the game is tied, you have to know that you can’t lose focus. We have to keep an eye on the game, but we can’t. Players don’t know how to protect the score when they are leading. If we were a little pragmatic, the results would not be so bad. “

So far, Pau FC has lost 2 games in a row, and Quang Hai can only play 2 games as a substitute. Currently Pau FC has dropped to the bottom of the rankings. Coach Tolot’s students and teachers are in danger of losing their third straight game as they must face top side Caen in the next round.

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