Public servant MU “adds fuel to the fire”, pointing out the reason why “Red Devils” are in chaos

11 Jan 2022 | 00:35 | Football


Former star Rio Ferdinand has just frankly stated the reason why MU has “underground waves”. Accordingly, the MU official confirmed that this was entirely due to the tolerance of the “big bosses”.

According to former midfielder Rio Ferdinand, MU’s internal instability comes from a number of players as well as their representatives. The British star affirmed that the “Red Devils” leadership had loosened management and let the big names at the team raging.

Rio Ferdinand pointed out the reason why MU was "great chaos"

Rio Ferdinand pointed out the reason why MU was “great chaos”

Ralf Rangnick’s teachers and students just struggled to overcome Aston Villa in the third round of the FA Cup with a score of 1-0. However, Rio Ferdinand is still not satisfied with the current situation of the old team. There have been many rumors about 17 MU stars “rioting” the dressing room, Ferdinand did not hesitate to criticize and give his personal views on the incident.

Sharing on his personal YouTube channel, Ferdinand said: “I think MU’s biggest mistake is being too relaxed for the players as well as the representative to openly express disrespect to the team. does not block the door to those elements and does not show its toughness.”

“We should not settle peacefully because if they are comfortable once, they will think the team is easy. Their players will not be responsible for anything. That is a mistake in the system. hierarchy at MU in recent years. They have let go of too many things, “said the former England player.

“Particularly in the case of Donny Van De Beek, I understand it will be difficult for someone like him to be happy, but what he has discussed with his agent is not bad. The media exaggerates what he wants out. Go, like Lingard. They simply want to find a chance to play. There will be people who become ugly under the influence of the media. I do not mention them and understand they always respect this team.” , Rio Ferdinand affirmed.


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