Quoc Viet, Van Khang shine, U19 Vietnam beat Myanmar U19

12 Jul 2022 | 08:39 | Football

U19 Vietnam overwhelms Myanmar U19

After 3 matches in Group A of the 2022 AFC U19 Championship, Vietnam U19 (7 points, goal difference +7) temporarily leads the group, but still has to defeat Myanmar U19 in the duel. This afternoon saved self-determination ahead of the group final against Thailand U19s on July 10.

Quoc Viet, Van Khang

Vietnam U19 starting lineup will face Myanmar U19 this afternoon. (screenshot)

Head coach Dinh The Nam formed the strongest lineup with a 4-1-4-1 formation, which almost matched the 4-1 victory over the Philippines U19s in the group stage, as follows: Goalkeeper Cao Van Binh, African back four (right) – Hoang Canh – Van Son – Bao Long (left); Main midfielder Van Tu, the upper four are Van Khang (right) – Minh Trong-Van Truong-Dinh Bac; key striker Guo Yue.

The U19 Vietnam team aggressively entered the attack and controlled the game well. From the 3rd minute, Vietnam U19 quickly consolidated their advantage with a beautiful goal.

Quoc Viet, Van Khang

Quoc Viet celebrates opening the scoring against Myanmar U19s. (screenshot)

Quoc Viet stepped back to receive the ball in midfield and ‘ignited’ an attack as he delivered a deep pass down the left flank, allowing Dinh Bac to pick up the pace and return the ball to Bao Long into the box.

While his teammates had the ball, Quoc Viet (a proven striker from Nutifood Academy, top scorer in the National U17 2020, U19 QG 2021 and U21 QG 2021) had time to move about 40m along the pitch, appearing dangerously high in the penalty area ball to score.

It was Quoc Viet’s third goal of the game, confirming his role as the main striker for the U19 Vietnam team.

After that, U19 Vietnam still completely overtook U19 Myanmar. The handling stages of Van Khang and Van Truong in midfield often resulted in opposing players being overtaken, opening wide gaps up front.

Unfortunately, among these delicious opportunities, Fan Chang didn’t take advantage of it successfully, including the case where goalkeeper Hertesso didn’t get it.

Hit the underdogs, but U19 Myanmar also almost cost U19 Vietnam’s defense in a moment of distraction. A pass from the right, captain Min Hertvey (No. 10) heads the ball over the bar. It was also the only chance that Myanmar U19 created in the first 45 minutes.

Before the end of the first half, Fan Kang took a dangerous free kick, but the force was insufficient, and the goalkeeper Hetetesso was able to stop it.

After the break, head coach Dinh The Nam added certainty to the Vietnam U19 midfielder when he pulled out midfielder Minh Trong (who had been booked), with Duc Viet taking his place.

Myanmar U19 tried to advance the attacking line, but when their passing path did not enter the goal, goalkeeper Fan Ping; Myanmar U19 scored the second goal in the 54th minute.

Africa’s throw-in on the right wing is so strong that the corner kick goes into the Myanmar U19 penalty area. Van Truong threw the hook to Quoc Viet and “as a general” back to Captain Van Khang, decisively widening the gap.

Quoc Viet scores two goals

The gap of 2 goals seems to make Vietnam’s U19 players somewhat subjective. The Myanmar U19s’ balls are quite… sporadic, lacking mutation, but without the certainty of centre-back duo Fan Shan-Huang Can, goalkeeper Fan Ping’s goal might have been in jeopardy.

The offense was deadlocked, and Myanmar U19s showed signs of “hot heads”, and some players had to be shown yellow cards by the referee. With about 10 minutes remaining, head coach Dinh The Nam created a chance for Anh Tu (who had just recovered from an ankle injury) and Gian Tan to replace Dinh Bac and Van Truong.

Vietnam U19s created delicious chances at the end of the game, but the pupils of coach Dinh The Nam sadly missed. Specifically, Van Khang created a runaway situation for Quoc Viet to face goalkeeper Htet Soe, but he ended up being too mild.

However, in the 90th minute, Guoyue also completed his double play. Another situation created by Van Khang was to “clean up” the right flank with a cross, allowing Quoc Viet’s header to make it 3-0.

In the last minute of stoppage time, Minh Twee scored a glorious goal for Myanmar U19s, which ended in a 3-1 loss.

After taking all three points against Myanmar U19s, U19 Vietnam is one step closer to a ticket to the semi-finals of the 2022 AFF U19 Championship.

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