Ralf Rangnick resolutely protects his students after harsh words

07 Feb 2022 | 23:27 | Football

Ralf Rangnick condemns racist acts towards winger Anthony Elanga in recent times.

Anthony Elanga has come under fire after missing the decisive penalty against Middlesbrough and sending the Red Devils out in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

After that miss by Elanga, racist messages and emojis were posted on the 19-year-old’s Instagram account.
Ralf Rangnick hits out at online

 Elanga received a lot of criticism for missing the decisive penalty.

Meta, which owns Instagram, said it had removed some of the offensive messages and had opened an investigation. Meanwhile, coach Ralf Rangnick has vehemently condemned those who post racist content.

“I was told there were some comments from some idiots on social media after the game against Middlesbrough, when Anthony missed that penalty,” said the German strategist.

“But again, this isn’t just a football problem. It’s a phenomenon or a social issue and of course it’s elevated in the football business, because there’s a lot of people reading it. what others write or say.”

“We’ve had great support so far, including Stretford End’s reaction to Anthony. They’ve supported him. He’s got all the support from him. teammates – you can see that on the pitch.”

“There were a number of players, including Bruno Fernandes, hugging him and going up to him, myself included. This is normal, because this is football.”

“There have been a lot of more experienced players who have missed penalties in the last 100 years, so, as I said, it’s a matter of society and of course they’re being looked at in the business. football,” Rangnick concluded.


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