Roman Abramovich was already afraid of being poisoned at Chelsea

30 Mar 2022 | 04:51 | Football

 Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich has always feared he could be the target of a poison attack.

Chelsea’s beautiful goals

Roman Abramovich is no stranger to threats of poison attack and has put in place strict measures at Chelsea to protect himself, including a ban on eating and drinking outside the meeting room at Stamford Bridge.

The 55-year-old tycoon is said to have been poisoned by suspected symptoms after participating in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. He and at least two high-ranking Ukrainian delegates are said to have suffered burning eyes and peeling skin after a meeting in Kyiv in early March. Symptoms appeared shortly after Abramovich and other negotiators ate chocolate and drink water.
Roman Abramovich CONFIRMS were 'blinded for several hours and had skin peel off their faces and hands' in suspected poisoning attack - Bóng Đá

 Abramovich is on the move often.

The Sunday People reported in 2006, Abramovich once suspected he might be the victim of a poisoning incident. Three years after starting his tenure at Stamford Bridge, he banned food and drink outside the West London club’s boardroom and made sure everything prepared for him was checked by a bodyguard. Furthermore, Abramovich refuses to eat anything unless made for him by his personal chef, who has accompanied him everywhere, including away games across the UK and beyond.

That news comes a month after former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned at a sushi restaurant in London. A public investigation into the death concluded in 2016 that the attack “probably” was carried out by two suspects working on the orders of the FSB, Russia’s security agency, with the approval of the Russian security agency. President Vladimir Putin. Abramovich has numerous enemies in his homeland as he got rich in the 1990s buying state-owned properties at bargain prices and then selling them back to the government for huge profits. .
Chelsea crisis, Roman Abramovich has made the final decision - Football

 Chelsea owners are always on high alert.

More than 15 years ago, he feared he might be the next victim of a poisoning attack, and that fear was confirmed earlier this month. Forensic experts investigating the poisoning have concluded the suspected attack was a warning, not an attempt to kill.

Abramovich is currently flying around Eastern Europe by private jet to negotiate peace.


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