Salah is back in Liverpool, why not Mane?

09 Feb 2022 | 01:32 | Football

 Mohamed Salah was present in the latest training session with the whole team. However, Sadio Mane has not yet joined the army.

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AFCON 2021 has ended with the championship belonging to Senegal. Sadio Mane overcame teammate Mohamed Salah in the final. Now Liverpool fans are waiting for this duo to join forces and join the club towards the goal of conquering for the rest of the season.

In the middle of this week, The Kop will host Leicester City at home, within the framework of round 24 of the Premier League. Coach Jurgen Klopp confirmed: “Salah is now back. I also talked to him. Of course Salah is very disappointed, but he is also looking to the future. The first thing Salah said to me was probably: ‘I’m ready to play’.”
Sadio Mane is not back yet - Football

 Mane faces Salah in the final of AFCON 2021.


Asked about whether Mane and Salah could be in the game against Leicester, Klopp said: “Mane doesn’t stand a chance because he’s not even here , but Salah does.

Mane, if possible, has a flight on Wednesday night, so will be here on Thursday but he is, of course, not then in the game against Leicester.

The AFCON championship means the world to Mane, to the people of Senegal and we respect that. We never thought about calling him back or anything – let them do what needs to be done in this moment because they deserve it.

They’ve had an extremely stressful time, so when Mane comes back we’ll talk to him and see how we can use him.”


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