Sarier opens up against Kusei Boru! TVF reveals Turkish League 2 leg program

04 Jan 2022 | 08:45 | Football

The team of Atcharaphon and Chatchuon will return to the field to meet Rivals who have won the Turkish League 2nd Leg

The Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) has revealed the schedule for the 2021-22 Turkish Volleyball League season 2nd leg in the 14th and 15th matches.

Turkey’s top league game Compete in the last game of the 2nd leg from the beginning of December 2021 and there will be a queue to return to compete in the second leg from 7 January 2022 onwards until the end of the regular season. During April 2022

On January 7, 2022, there will be only one match, with Jeziurt hosting the visit of reigning champions Waqifbank and having just won the 2021 Club World Cup in time. 18.00

while Sarier Belediaspor, the agency of Atcharaphon Kongyot, including Chatchuon Moksri, two young stars hit the Thai national team The match kicks off on 9 January 2022 with a trip to Cuseyborough at 9pm, with the next game Sarrier returning to play at home against Jeziurt on January 16. 2022 at 20.00

by the encounter of Sarier and the two teams across the tree in the first leg The team of two stars slapped a Thai girl. won with a score of 3-2 in both sets.

For the performance of Sarier in the first leg, competing in a total of 13 games, won 3, lost 10 with 10 points, is 11th in the table from a total of 14 teams.

TVF also revealed the schedule for the 2021-22 Coupé Volley season in the quarter-finals. After the group stage has been played since the end of September 2021 and is scheduled to resume between 5-13 January 2022.


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