“Shengyu” HAGL 1m91 has a name!

29 Jul 2022 | 14:44 | Football

Dinh Quang Kiet and his first dream HAGL after 1.5 years

Nearly 1.5 years ago, when news came out, Ding Guangjie, a Taiping “Pearl” born in 2007, with a height of 1.86 meters, joined the 5th issue of HAGL Academy.

Close U16 Vietnam's roster for the AFF U16 Championship:

Dinh Quang Kiet took a group photo with reporter Dan Viet in March 2021, when he was only at HAGL Academy for 1 month. Photo: Nhu Y

Talking to Dan Viet in late March 2021, Dinh Quang Kiet said very confidently: “I have only come to HAGL Academy for 1 month. When I first started, my technique was not good, and I walked under the guidance of teachers and teachers, pointing out that unknown.

At home, I only bounced the ball about 10 times and I couldn’t control it and I let the ball fall. And now I’ve thrown over 100 balls. “

According to Dinh Quang Kiet’s sharing, I especially like the Korean midfielder Kim Dong-soo who used to play for HAGL. “

More than a year later, Dinh Quang Kiet is now on the Vietnam U16 roster and will travel to Indonesia for the 2022 Southeast Asia U16 Championship, his first international tournament.

In Vietnam’s roster of 28 U16 players, Dinh Quang Kiet is also the only factor contributing to HAGL Academy.

The players with the most contributions at the PVF Center have 5 names. SLNA, SHB.Da Nang, Viettel, Hue and other famous training “stoves” also contributed many young talents to U16 Vietnam.

U16 Vietnam team scores highest goal in match

Going back to the preparation process for the 2022 AFC U16 Championship, Vietnam U16 will start intensive training at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center from July 1.

U16 Vietnam played 3 high-quality “green” friendly matches against Hanoi U19 (1-3 loss), U19 CAND (6-4 win) and U16 Viettel (2-2 draw).

Before ending the roster, head coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan eliminated 4 players, including midfielder Du Ngoc Ming (Nam Dinh), midfielder Yan Ruyong (Donga Thanh Hoa), striker Pham Ngoc Thanh Thao (Hue) and striker Le Hoang Chau (East Pagoda) general).

Close U16 Vietnam's roster for the AFF U16 Championship:

Coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan has closed the roster of 28 Vietnamese U16 players for the 2022 Southeast Asia U16 Championship. Photo: VFF

Previously, at the beginning of training, after the physical examination, Vietnam U16 also bid farewell to three players, guards Nguyen Van Tan (SLNA), Pei Wen Huang (Nam Dinh) and guard Nguyen Van Tan (SLNA). (Tianjiang). The trio were injured before joining Vietnam U16s and will not be able to get the best possible recovery for the 2022 AFF U16 Championship.

When assessing the strength of Vietnam’s U16s, coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan said: “The current generation of Vietnam’s U16 players is divided into two age groups from 2006 to 2007. The U17 team recently went to Germany for training, and most of the children are in 2005. Therefore, , This time the BHL selected 3 children (defender Le Nguyen Quoc Kien, midfielder Bui Quoc Duy and Nguyen Cong. Phuong-PV) to participate in the above training.

I hope these three kids can show their abilities in the Vietnam U16 team for the upcoming SEA Cup. “

The 2022 Southeast Asia U16 Championship will be held from July 31 to August 13. According to the results of the draw, the U16 Vietnam team is in Group A with hosts Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. Group B includes Thailand, Timor-Leste, Laos and Brunei. The Malaysian U16s will begin their title defense tour with opponents in Group C, Australia, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Regarding the team’s goal, head coach Nguyen Quoc Duan said that in the near future, Vietnam U16 will strive to participate in the semi-finals, and will continue to work hard to advance to the final.

Tomorrow afternoon (July 27th), Vietnam U16 will leave for Indonesia, and there are still about 3 days to prepare for the first match against Singapore U16 at 15:00 on July 31st.

List of Vietnam U16 players participating in the 2022 Southeast Asia U16 Finals

Goalkeepers (4): Pham Dinh Hai (Hanoi), Ton That Gia Dat (Hue), Duong Phuc Hung (Binh Duong), Do Quyen Anh (Song Lam Nghe An)

Defenders (10): Khuc Trung Hieu, Le Nguyen Quoc Kien, Le Thang Long (PVF), Nguyen Minh Tuan, Nguyen Trung Nguyen (SHB Da Nang), Nguyen Luong Tuan Khai, Vi Dinh Thuong (Hue), Do Minh Quan (Hanoi FC), Dinh Quang Kiet (HAGL), Nguyen Huu Trong (HCMC)

Midfielders (10): Nguyen Khanh Hoang (PVF), Nguyen Trong Tuan (SLNA), Huynh Van Danh (SHB Da Nang), Tran Quang Huy (Hue), Nguyen Xuan Toan (Hanoi), Bui Quoc Duy (Dong Pagoda) ). ), Le Duc Phat, Le Van Thuan (Dong A Thanh Hoa), Nguyen Cong Phuong, Hoang Cong Hau (Viettel).

Forwards (4): Pei Huangshan (PVF), Li Dinglongwu (SLNA), Pan Qingdetian (SHB Da Nang), Wu Duanfeng (HCMC).

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