Statistics make Messi and PSG tremble when playing against Real Madrid

06 Mar 2022 | 05:01 | Football

PSG has worrying statistics before the vital trip with Real Madrid. Pochettino vowed to “change fortunes” with Messi and teammates.

The biggest star team in the world, PSG just lost to Nice in the match without Mbappe (suspended), while Messi and Neymar continued to fade.

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 Mbappe saves Messi and PSG in the first leg…

The result did not affect the leading position of PSG, but it was a “blow” for Pochettino’s teachers and students before marching to the Bernabeu to rematch Real Madrid, the team was able to “warm up” with a bold Sociedad 4-1 victory.

PSG temporarily holds a 1-0 advantage after the first leg, but coach Ancelotti is confident that, if his Real Madrid plays as well as the match against Sociedad, he will win (eliminate) the rich French team.

And don’t forget, Real Madrid is a “boggart” in the C1 Cup arena, Ancelotti is a very cool person with this prestigious tournament.
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 … but will it be sad for the former Barca captain after this Wednesday night meeting? Don’t forget, Messi has not been able to score against Real Madrid since Ronaldo left in the summer of 2018.


Meanwhile, PSG are having sad statistics clinging to them this season. The defeat against Nice last night was PSG’s third loss in Ligue 1 and all took place away.

In the Champions League group stage, PSG also did not win a match (in all 3 away matches).

In contrast to PSG, Real Madrid always score at the Bernabeu against opponents in the knockout round.

Regardless, Mauricio Pochettino is still “up to the bone”: “Champions League is different from Ligue 1, PSG will be in the best shape when fighting Real Madrid”.

The leader also admitted that PSG lost to Nice partly because he was distracted by an important match with Real Madrid.


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