Surprised by Huynh Nhu’s salary in Portugal

27 Aug 2022 | 03:56 | Football

On the morning of August 22, Huang Yu officially set off for Portugal to undergo a medical examination, and then officially joined the Rank Club on a loan contract until June 2023. This made the captain of the Vietnamese women’s team the first player to go abroad to play in Europe.

Surprised by Huynh Nhu's salary in Portugal - Photo 1.

Huynh Nhu’s salary at Lank FC is not high.

According to various sources, Huynh Nhu will receive a salary of around EUR 1,500/month (about VND 35 million) at Lank FC. In addition, the Portuguese team will have a system to ensure the accommodation, living and training of Vietnamese players.

In fact, compared with the salary that Huang Ru can get by staying in Vietnam to play football, this salary is not high. What is important, however, is that players from Tra Vinh will have the opportunity to practice and play against opponents from Europe, who qualify much better than Vietnam. For the striker, it will be an opportunity to gain more experience and build up experience for next year’s Women’s World Cup final with Vietnam.

Sharing before departure, Huynh Nhu said: “My goal is to try and make the world aware of Vietnam’s women’s football. My dream is to make women’s football in this country more professional and involve more teams. More. It’s going to be difficult though, right now. , I’m ready and determined to perform in a new environment.”

Huynh Nhu is currently the No. 1 striker in Vietnam’s women’s football history with 59 goals. Although she is now 31 years old, Tra Rong is still the captain and the most important player in the style of play that coach Mai Dezhong created for the Vietnamese women’s team. Therefore, Huang Yu’s move to Portugal to play football not only satisfies her desire to go abroad, but also greatly helps the Vietnamese women’s football team, the most important goal of which is next year’s Women’s World Cup final.

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