The 11 talents of Vietnamese football “blooming and dying”: the most regrettable goalkeeper Pei Tianyong?

24 Aug 2022 | 03:19 | Football

Mai Xuanhe

Wearing the Vietnam U22 captain’s armband in the 2008 Independence Cup title race and winning the 2009 SEA Games runner-up a year later, Xuanyuan appears to have had a successful career. But persistent injuries forced the defender to stop playing soon after in 1986 at the age of 28. He won the 2014 V.League bronze medal with Thanh Hoa, bid farewell to football, and turned to coaching.

11 Talents

Mai Xuan together.

In 2019, Xuan He served as the head coach of Qinghua U17 and won the national U17 championship.

Nguyen Thanh Long Giang

If Xuan He was suspended early due to injury, his partner Long Jiang also encountered obstacles due to the negative problems of the game and had to be permanently suspended.

11 Talents

Ruan Chenglongjiang.

He is considered a central defender who plays with heart, with the ability to judge, read the situation and effectively intervene, but he can’t control himself for a while, so Longjiang loses everything.

Long Giang competed in two Southeast Asian Games in 2009 and 2011 under coach Henrique Calisto before he stopped competing at the age of 24.

Pan Qingping

Emerging from the 2003 SEA Games, he was once compared to coach Alfred Riddle’s “pet”. However, Qingping’s later career was very difficult. Saying goodbye to Dong Pagoda, he went through HAGL, DTLA and then returned to Dak Lak before retiring.

11 Talents

Pan Qingping.

After retiring, Thanh Binh turned to training. During his career, the former Vietnam striker has led the Man Kong Saigon team and worked as an assistant coach at Ba Ria Vung Tau club. In addition, Ping “Chai” also actively participated in the football commentary program as a guest.

Ruan Taicheng

Thai Sung is known for his training at Aspire Furnace (Qatar) from 2009 to 2012. After returning to Vietnam, he received a lot of expectations but never met them.

11 Talents

Ruan Taicheng.

With no land to perform in Da Nang, Tai Song was loaned to head coach Nguyen Duc Thanh’s Saigon Football Club, but only lasted two seasons. The following year, he returned to Longan.

When disaster strikes, everything seems to be going well. On the eve of the 2019 League One, Sung ruptured a ligament in his knee and the entire new season was suspended. At the end of 2021, the 27-year-old officially announced his retirement.

Huang Danyu

Danh Ngoc is one of the excellent products of the Nam Dinh training stove. At the age of 17, he was promoted to the first team and participated in the V.League. A year later, Ngoc was named to the U22 Vietnam team that won the 2008 Independence Cup. At club level, he scored a beautiful goal in the AFC Champions League wearing the Nam Dinh jersey.

11 Talents

Huang Danyu.

However, after the day of fleeing back to Ninh Binh from the south, things took a turn for the worse. Danh Ngoc surprised him in 2015 when he announced his retirement at the age of 25 after wandering from Ninh Binh, XSKT Can Tho to Than Quang Ninh.

Chen Mengyong

At the age of 23, Manh Dung has an aspirational career, rich, famous, and respected by his fans. However, he lost everything when he was accused of being the mastermind of the 2014 AFC Cup match-fixing case with eight teammates at V.Ninh Binh.

11 Talents

Chen Mengyong.

After this incident, Deng was banned from football forever, had to spend time in prison and gave up football forever. It was an unexpected result for the man who captained Gudu a year ago and even hit Arsenal in a friendly in Mei Ding.

Nguyen Jatu

Originally from Ha Tinh, he represented SLNA in the National U21 Championship in 2011 and was subsequently recruited by Vissai Ninh Binh, but Gia Tu’s peak career lasted only 3 years.

11 Talents

Ruan Jiatu.

In 2014, Jatu was involved in a football betting case in the AFC Cup and was banned permanently. Having to be separated from football at the age of 25 shocked Ha Jung’s defender. Just 2 years ago, he was part of the Vietnam team in the AFC Cup.

Nguyen Hongyue

Not Trong Hoang or Hoang Van Binh, Hong Viet is the most prominent name of the U19 Vietnam team in the 89/90 age group. Playing as a winger, with good physique, a “weird” left hand, quickness, good dribbling and finishing skills – Nghe players should have a brighter path in the next decade.

11 Talents

Nguyen Hongyue.

But troubles off the field brought Hong Yue’s career to a standstill. After leaving SLNA, he went to Dong Nai and Hai Phong successively, and retired as a Ho Chi Minh club at the age of 28.

Nguyen Dinh Hup

Dinh Hiep is also another standout factor for Vietnam’s U19 team in the 89/90 age group. Like Hong Yue, the handsome forward’s career took a nosedive due to the clutter on the pitch. Includes disciplinary issues and betting on V.League football matches.

11 Talents

Ruan Ding Xie.

The Nghe striker bid farewell to the pitch at the end of the 2017 season in the colours of Long An. Previously, the Tribunal Association went through a series of football teams from south to north, such as Khatoco Khanh Hoa, Tay Ninh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Hai Phong.

Pei Tiandung

Pei Tian Yong was once a familiar face in the composition of Vietnam’s young team. He is a member of Vietnam U20 and will play in the 2017 U20 World Cup. It is worth noting that he is the hero of Vietnam U23 on his way to winning the runner-up in U23 Asia 2018.

11 Talents

Pei Tianyong.

However, after Pei Tianyong returned victoriously from Changzhou, he lost himself. He worked hard to find the main force in the club, from Thanh Hoa, Hanoi to the current Ho Chi Minh City club. Part of the reason is that the goalkeeper, born in 1997, often makes mistakes. Moreover, many believe that his neglect of practice and involvement in non-professional activities is another reason.

Pan Qinghao

In 2014, Pan Qinghao caused a stir when the Guardian included his name on a list of 40 promising young talents in world football. Also on this list are stars like Yuri Thielemans, Ousmane Dembele or Ruben Neves.

11 Talents

Pan Qinghao.

However, contrary to people’s expectations, Pan Qinghao’s career has almost stagnated. The original Quang Ngai player has been with HAGL’s first team since 2015, but he rarely played.

Later, Pan Thanh Hou had to go to Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria Vung Tau club to look for opportunities, but the situation still did not improve.

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