The Dembele Affair: The Dark Side of a Complicated Negotiation

09 Apr 2022 | 03:44 | Football

 Barca want to renew with Ousmane Dembele, but what they expect is unlikely to come true because of one factor.

Video Laporta talking about Dembele

Barcelona have raised the issue of extending the contract of Ousmane Dembele. A negotiation that seemed out of control a few months ago, has now flourished again thanks to the sublime performance of the French player in recent matches. 

President Joan Laporta, Xavi and associates did not want to miss the opportunity to keep Dembele. But not every wish can be fulfilled. Barcelona is still in a very difficult financial situation and Mateu Alemany is having to solve a lot of problems to make it easier for the club to spend in the coming time.
Dembele case: The light and dark side of a complex renewal - Bóng Đá

 Dembele’s story at Barca made the press waste ink.

Mateu Alemany traveled to Marrakech to meet Dembele’s agent Moussa Sissoko. Relations between the two sides had already broken down after Dembele did not accept a contract extension in December, refused to leave during the winter transfer window and ignored the club’s offer to release his contract. 

But seeing the winger born in 1997 perform well, the club’s sporting directors gave in, putting aside the feud a few months ago to arrange further negotiations. 

In the process, Xavi was instrumental in changing the club’s stance. The former Spanish football player always supports Dembele and does not confine him to the bench as the BLD wishes. Finally, the result of that trust of the military leader born in 1980 has come.

In addition, Xavi also suggested that Laporta seek to extend the contract with Dembele. If it weren’t for Xavi’s determination in this matter, things would have been different.

The meeting acts as an icebreaker between the parties. It should be a negotiation where the two sides start talking about money, the key factor determining the final outcome. In the next few days, financial negotiations will begin.

Barca will carefully consider the obstruction of FFP. FFP is a headache for Barcelona in any economic story. The club’s salary must be reduced to be able to bring in new players and renew contracts with players. 
Dembele case: The light and dark side of a complex renewal - Bóng Đá

 Finance is an important factor to close the negotiation process.

The most worrying thing is that the financial story will affect all of Blaugrana’s plans. In the event that it is not possible to sign a new contract with Dembele, Barca also does not have an abundant budget to replenish the force.

The Catalan giants are not attractive enough in terms of money, but this is also the right time for them to evaluate the sincerity of players, namely Dembele, for them. 

The journey to close Dembele’s signature on a new contract seems fraught with difficulties for Barca.

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