The partner closed the door to recruit Liverpool’s 19-year-old prodigy

29 Jan 2022 | 06:24 | Football

 The Merseyside Red Brigade has a 19-year-old talent in sight. Recently, they received an answer from a partner.

Liverpool are currently planning to prepare for the future, when many pillars have been and are about to turn 30. One of the talents that has caught the eye of The Kop is Fabio Carvalho. The 19-year-old morning star is currently in brilliant form for Fulham in the Championship, with 7 goals and 3 assists in 17 appearances.

Fulham's hands-off notice over Carvalho - Football

 Fabio Carvalho is a target that Liverpool aspire to own.

The Portuguese talent has a strong position as a public defender, and can also play well on both sides as a winger. Carvalho received high praise from Barry Hunter – Liverpool’s Head of Recruitment. Hunter is therefore trying to urge the BLD to quickly bring the 19-year-old midfielder back to Anfield.


However, recently, Fulham head coach Marco Silva said: “Fabio will stay with us until the end of the season. I want to work with him here for many more years.

From day one, I tried to keep him. It is not surprising that clubs are interested in Fabio. We are talking about a young player with great potential.

The situation is not easy because Fabio is in the final year of his contract, but it is reality. Fabio’s departure from the club during this time is beyond our plans.”


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