U23 Vietnam was accused of winning thanks to the referee, and had to cry when they met Thailand U23

11 May 2022 | 02:25 | Football

After a disastrous defeat to Malaysia U23 on the first day, Thailand U23 made a strong comeback, beating Singapore U23 5-0 in the second match of Group B of the 31 Asian Games, and scored 3 points in the match against Malaysia U23, helping Thailand U23 to 3 Top of the standings, tied with Cambodia U23 and Malaysia U23 but played more than 1 game.

The wonderful performance of Thailand U23 has excited the fans of the Golden Temple. Most were satisfied with Coach Polkin’s student performance. “It’s a return to the right level, we’ve shown what Thailand can do. Wouldn’t the SEA Games be fun without us,” account Arnakorn Sribut commented on FA Thailand.

U23 Vietnam accused of winning by referee and had to cry when he met U23 Thailand - Photo 1.

Thailand U23 beat Singapore U23.

It wasn’t enough to celebrate the home team’s victory, many Thai fans also took the opportunity to drink coffee U23 Vietnam. Coach Park Hengrui beat Indonesia U23 3-0 in the first game, but unexpectedly made the Philippines U23 draw 0-0 in the second game.

“Vietnam didn’t play very well, they won Indonesia U23 with the support of fans and the help of referees. I think Thailand played better than Vietnam. Hope you guys win tickets soon. Going to the next round, We can see Vietnam in the semi-finals.”

“The giants have woken up. We will win all the other teams and if we keep playing like this, Vietnam will cry when we have to meet Thailand. We will be the champions of the SEA Games,” commented Naveenhart.

U23 Vietnam accused of winning by referee and had to cry when he met U23 Thailand - photo 2.

U23 Vietnam won by strength, not luck.

“We were often mocked by Vietnam and Malaysia when Thailand lost, but now that we have won, how will they feel?”, wrote Purin Petchkong.

If you pay attention to the two games of Vietnam U23, it is easy for fans to realize that Coach Park’s teachers and students were not lucky, and they were not led astray by the referee. Therefore, the comments of Thai fans are one-sided, blaming U23 Vietnam.

Vietnam U23 is also not afraid to face Thailand U23. Remember, the last time they met was when Vietnam U23 defeated U23 to win the 2022 Southeast Asia U23 Championship.

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