U23’s “problem” in Vietnam, went to the wrong U23 training ground in Thailand

10 Jun 2022 | 23:05 | Football

At 20:00 Vietnam time on June 8, the U23 Vietnam team will face the Malaysian U23 team in the final match of Group C of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship. Coach Kong Wujun’s teachers and students asked to win the opponent, hoping to win. If the game between South Korea U23 and Thailand U23 is tied at the same time, or the two teams do not tie 3-3 or more, then we will win tickets to the quarter-finals .

Vietnam U23 had a

The U23 Vietnam team moved to the wrong training ground of the Thailand U23 team during the afternoon practice match on June 7 (Uzbekistan time).

It is worth noting that on the eve of the above encounter, the U23 Vietnam team encountered a small “incident” during the training session in the afternoon of June 7 (Uzbekistan time). Specifically, Gong Wujun and the coach went to the wrong area of ​​the Thailand U23 training ground. After receiving a notice from the organizer and discovering the error, the entire team had to move back to the training ground by themselves.

Fortunately, the training ground in Thailand is only a little over a minute’s walk from us, so it doesn’t have much impact on the team’s movement and training process.

In addition to going to the wrong training ground, on the afternoon of June 7, head coach Gong Wujun also “punished” two players Guo Wenkang and goalkeeper Deng Tuanxiong, because the two fell asleep and should have been late for practice in the team.

Vietnam U23 had a

Dang Tuan Hung and Khuat Van Khang fined… They were late for practice because they overslept.

After those “activities” were over, the team went into training as usual. In the training session on June 7, although it was a relatively tense game, all the players kept their spirits high and always had a smile on their faces.

This shows the very excited spirit of the team before facing the Malaysia U23s. When we were definitely eliminated, our rating was higher than our opponents, so 3 points was completely within the ability of Coach Kong Wujun.

Even, we need to aim for a big victory, hoping to create a point difference advantage over Thailand U23 and South Korea U23 when the three teams have the same points.

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